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Interstate moving has never been easy. The planning it requires can take your entire day and weeks together.

It becomes necessary for you to pack your belongings and select the best and the cost-effective interstate movers.

If you are planning to move from one to another and are confused as to what all things you must check beforehand, we are here to help you. We have come up with a checklist for moving out of state that will ensure a smooth and hassle-free move.

Checklist for Moving to Another State

This checklist from the interstate movers can be helpful in moving your belongings without any damage and with utmost safety:

1. Visit The State You Are Moving To

The first and foremost thing you must do is to visit the state you are moving to. Try to make at least one trip to the new state and make sure and make a list of things that you might require there.

This way you can adapt yourself more easily to the location and its neighbourhoods. With help of google maps, you will be able to easily locate the state’s restaurants, medical institutions, and further recommendations about the state.

Make use of the internet in the best way to find places and review websites that will give you an insight into the state.

2. Search for schools or other educational institutions

If you have school-going children or if you are planning to study in a college in a new state, make sure to research schools and other educational institutions.

If you wish to send your child to a public or private school, make a list of all those schools that are near your vicinity. Multiple websites can show you many high rated schools where you can send your children. Asking a neighbour can also be helpful.

3. Prepare A Budget

Irrespective of what methods you select, interstate moving is not cheap. The average cost of hiring local movers fall around $4300.

Even if you are planning for a DIY move, you will have to hire a container or truck that will transport your luggage and other household stuff to the new state.

This makes it necessary to figure out your budget and will help to set aside a sum of money that you are willing to spend on moving.

Reduce your expenses by listing out all the unwanted expenses you were planning to make on the different things. Always put extra money with you for any contingencies during the move. If you are moving for a job, try if your employer can cover all your moving expenses.

4. Find a temporary place to live

Air, Food, and Shelters are the three basic and the most important things that one requires to live anywhere. Getting a good place to stay can create trouble if you have not planned for it in advance.

It is advised that you should rent a place for at least six months while you get comfortable with the new place. You may also have a trusted and knowledgeable agent who can guide you in selecting the place for rent or purchase.

5. Find the best Moving Company

If you are planning to hire an interstate removalist to help you with the move, make sure it’s reliable and trustworthy. Various listing websites list the best moving companies in the town and rank them based on their reviews.

Using these listing websites, you can find the best interstate movers that have a good track record and masters in moving delicate and precious stuff. You will also get complete contact details of different moving companies.

It is advised to make a contact with at least three moving companies before finalizing the deal. Though you might get a moving company that offers the lowest price, however, there are chances that the company is badly rated on the listing website.

Hence, apart from the pricing factor, make sure that the moving company is both professional and trustworthy.

6. Look Out for Cheaper Alternatives

As mentioned above, hiring interstate movers is never cheap. However, there are many alternatives to these moving companies.

The best one being Portable Moving Container. These moving containers offer a similar kind of service. Unlike Moving Companies, these moving containers would cost you around $2,000 to $3,000.

The cost of hiring a moving container also depends on various other factors including, the size of the container, locations, etc. You may also hire rental trucks if you wish to move all by yourself. Not only these trucks are cheap but are available anywhere and everywhere.

7. Arrange for Utilities in Advance

Before moving to a new city, make sure to contact utility companies and let them know that you are moving.

It includes arranging for cable, internet, electricity, satellite, water, and security system. If you have arranged for a shelter, go ahead and schedule a date to get these installed at your place.

8. Inform Your Close Ones That You Are Moving

Do not forget to inform your friends and neighbours that you are moving to a new state.

Instead of telling them one by one, send them an email or a message along with your new mailing address and additional details. You never know when someone might help you.

9. Domicile in the new state

After moving to a new state, you will be required to establish legal domicile for tax purposes.

To know the details regarding the domicile for tax purposes, you can visit the state’s official website for all the details related to this matter.

10. Get yourself a new driver’s license

If you are moving to a new state, you have to travel a lot for a few days to arrange things. For that, you might need a vehicle.

For that purpose, you will need a new driver’s license from your state’s DMV. You must fulfill all the requirements of the state to get a driving license because rules and regulations to obtain a driving license differ from state to state.

These are some of the things that should be there in your checklist while you are planning to move to a new state. If you need any help with moving, feel free to reach to us.

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