Are you on a tight budget for your relocation?

Then you must probably be contemplating opting for a DIY move. When you don’t hire a moving company and plan to relocate all by yourself, there are several things to consider.

On top of that, the real question on everyone’s mind is, “Will I really save money with the DIY move?”

This blog is specifically for those wondering about all the different removal costs that will factor into the DIY move.

The Different Costs Involved in a DIY Move

  • Packing Supplies

This is often one of the neglected costs in relocation, but it adds up to a considerable amount. You will definitely need good quality moving boxes made of cardboard and wood, scissors, labels, markers, bubble wraps, wrapping paper, foam pouches, tapes, etc.

When you look at the cost of a single box, it won’t look much. The cost of an average-sized box is about $3 and when you need wardrobe boxes, each cost around $8. When you total the cost of at least 10 to 20 boxes, it will come to $100.

Apart from that, the other packing supplies and cushioning materials will come to around $50. A box of bubble wrap costs $20, packing paper costs $10 per lbs, foam pouches cost about $8 per set.

If you are relocating a three-bedroom house or have many things from storage to pack and move, then your cost of packing supplies can go up to $250.

  • Truck Rentals

Even when you’re relocating by yourself, you cannot carry all of your stuff on your own or in a car. You will definitely need a truck to safely and comfortably move your packed boxes to the new place.

The truck’s cost varies widely depending on the location you’re in, the removal company you choose, the size of the truck, and the distance of the transportation. Some truck rental companies have a flat per day rate while some would charge by the hour. It’s essential to consider the distance and get quotes from a couple of rental places to compare and see which one’s economical.

The cost of renting a small truck that is about 10-foot will be around $20 for a day and the cost of a big truck that’s about 25-foot is around $40 per day. Apart from this rate, you will also be charged a per-mile rate of around $1 per mile. So, for long-distance relocations, the truck rental rates will be much higher.

This is not the only charge included in the truck rentals. There are also additional charges for:

  • Fuel

Generally, you’ll get a truck with a half tank of gas. So, depending on the amount of fuel you consume, you’ll have to replenish it at the end. So, this cost won’t be much for people relocating locally. But for a long-distance relocation, the fuel charges will be significant.

If you don’t replenish the fuel when you give back the truck, the company will charge you for the same, sometimes at a higher rate.

  • Insurance

When renting a truck, you need a truck rental insurance. This insurance will protect you against any loss of property during transportation. There are several truck rental insurance types with different coverage options like damage waiver, cargo coverage, towing insurance, etc.

  • Moving Equipment Rentals

When you have lots of big boxes and items to move, it’s important to get proper moving equipment. Else, there are high chances of getting yourself or your loved ones physically injured. This is one area where you shouldn’t look at the cost and instead give importance to the safety of everyone around you.

When you have heavy items to load up, you’ll need dollies, hand trucks, straps, loading tramps, and other similar equipment to safely move the things. The cost of renting individual equipment varies based on where you’re renting it. It can cost you a couple of hundred dollars to rent two dollies.

  • Accommodation and Food Charges

When you are moving long-distance, then you must definitely factor in the cost of accommodation and food. While you can research and find some affordable stays en route, this cost will also add up considerably.

For a decent accommodation, the cost differs based on the location and the facilities. Usually, for a single room with a double bed, it’ll cost you about $50, including the food for two people. When you’re travelling with more than two people, then the costs will increase accordingly.

  • Portable Storage Move

Using a portable storage container is a combination of assisted move with DIY move. While you can load the container on your own and have control over how and when you move the container, the company will provide you with a full storage container. The company will deliver the container to your said address and you can unload the things at your convenient time.

Some prefer the choice of DIY move with portable storage containers due to flexibility and control. However, the rate of such a move is much higher than a typical DIY move. You’ll have to pay additional charges per mileage and for the fuel for transporting the container. So, you may end up paying $1000 or even more for a long-distance move in total.

So, Is the DIY Move Worth It?

When you consider the cost savings as well as the amount of effort and manpower you need, the DIY move may not always work favourably in your way. Also, when you consider the additional cost of renting a truck or portable storage container along with the fuel charges and the packing supplies at high rates, the final rate would increase more than what you expect.

One main drawback of a DIY move is that you never know how much you will end up paying. Instead, you can hire reliable removalists who offer affordable relocation services. But when you hire an experienced moving company like Book a Mover, you can easily use the removalists cost calculator available on their website to get an idea of how much the relocation will cost you before you book them.

After getting the removalists cost, you can even compare it with the cost of a DIY move and the hassles that come with it and make a call. Thinking of not doing it yourself, you can always take help from any of the best removalists Melbourne for a stress-free moving experience.

Book a Mover is one of the most experienced and reliable relocation companies in Brisbane. They offer a budget-friendly Brisbane moving cost that comes under everyone’s budget. Get in touch and ask for a no-obligatory price estimate for your relocation now.

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