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Brisbane removalists’ hourly rate will largely depend upon the amount of furniture being moved as well as the distance to be covered. Ideally, two men and a truck would cost you between $29* to $59* per hour. The hourly rate for 3 men with a truck is approximately between $70* – $150*. Speak with a local removal company for an exact quote.

Know beforehand how much a removal would cost you
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Brisbane Removalists Hourly Rate

Book a mover usually charges between $29 – $37 per hour for a 2-tonne truck that comes with 1 or 2 Men. You can contact our Brisbane removalists anytime between Sunday to Thursday for pickup and delivery.

Removalists prices shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket 

Moving your house or office to a new city? 

Moving to Brisbane and wondering what Brisbane removalists hourly rates would be?

The biggest worry you must be facing is the cost. How much will it cost me? 

Will it be unaffordable? How to get good rates? 

Should I even hire a removalist in the first place?

We have good news for you. Good qualified removalists don’t necessarily cost you a bomb. It is easy to get one within your budget. All you need to do is ask for quotes. And the good ones do offer you FREE quotes. 

Let your target removalist know the type of service you need- house moving, office relocation, car, commercial moving, or just a man with a van. Share an approximation of the load you want to get shifted and you will get quotes. 

You do need to gauge the prices asked by removalists and then make an informed decision. Never head dive into removal without asking for an estimation. 

You need to know what to expect. And then hire a decent one that would do a decent job at a decent rate. 

 Do I need to hire a Removalist? 

If you are shifting base, need to move your house or your office, and have a busy schedule, a good removalist can be God sent.

Hire one if you need to:

  • Save time
  • Transport your belongings securely with minimum damage
  • Relax and have a hasslefree shifting experience
  • Make sure that your lovable piano or your favorite work desk reaches the destination unscathed
  • Shift quickly and cannot waste time
  • Get experts who are experienced as this is your first moving experience

How to estimate?

Let’s keep it short. Only two things impact your removal costs:

  • Where are you moving?
  • What are you moving?

Depending upon this your removalist will charge you a fee. Experts have tried to calculate the cost of moving an average two bedroom apartment, which comes around $1200. In case it is a four bedroom house, the cost goes up to $2330. For interstate moving, the price can further rise up to $3600. 

So, ask for quotes after sharing your destination and the load size estimate. 

 What about hourly rates of removalists in Brisbane?

Depending upon your destination and load, hourly rates of removalists might vary. For instance, if Brisbane is your target, it makes sense to focus on removalists prices Brisbane and Brisbane removalists hourly rates. 

Typically, a removalist in Australia, working directly with the client, might charge between $20 to $30 per hour. And if you are hiring on the weekends of after usual business hours, you might have to shell more.


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