Our change of address checklist makes it easy to remember simple things like buying boxes, hiring movers, and moving to your new home.

Most people overlook one of the many tasks they need to accomplish: changing their address.

When you are moving homes, there are many tiny details that one needs to pay attention to. 

One of the trickiest things to keep track of is coming up with a list of people you need to inform when you are moving.

Who should you inform of the change of address?

When you are moving, you must address this question.

Consider all the places where your address needs to be on file: the post office,  driver’s license. doctor’s office and the list continues. Considering all those phone calls, address changing may seem like one of the biggest tasks on your moving checklist.

Changing your address is an inevitable part of moving, and you’ll want to update all your accounts immediately afterwards.

While in some cases, this may be a legal requirement, in others, completing your address change as soon as possible may help you avoid a bundle of other problems, such as missed mail, packages or parcels.

There are so many places that we unconsciously use our address and these services are often registered under our home address.

Your family and friends aren’t the only ones who need to know about the change of address. Companies and organizations that take top spot in this list are rather numerous.

It is important to get in touch with all these people and service providers so that they can be updated with your address and you face no interruptions with the services.

The last thing you want is to overlook an important department that could result in future trouble.

Avoid any inconveniences such as missed services and overcharges by doing this work early.

To help you with this task, our removalist experts from Book a Mover have created a detailed list of people and places you need to get in touch with once your move to a new home has been finalized.

Before You Change Your Address, Here’s What You Need to Know

Changing your address requires a few items of information. Below are the details:

  • Ensure that your new address is correct and complete.
  • Whether the change of address is temporary or permanent.
  • If you’re changing addresses just for yourself or for your whole family.

With all this information in hand, it’s time to get started with changing your address.

You can use this handy printable address change checklist PDF to help you along the way.

Download pdf change of checklist

Table of Content:

  1. The local authorities
  2.  Any Recreational Clubs You Are Part of
  3. Checklist for Changing Addresses in the Household
  4. Address Change In Your Driving Document
  5. Changing the Addresses in Educational Institutions
  6. Changing the Address at Different Medical Services
  7. Updating the Insurance Providers about Address Change 
  8. Informing the Household Services about the Address Change
  9. Informing the Utility Providers
  10. Banks and Other Monetary Organizations
  11. Voter Registration
  12. Your Friends and Family


1. Update The Local Authorities About Address Change

Local Authorities About Address Change

The local authorities require you to know that you are changing addresses and you need to update them with your new address as well. These local authorities refer to –

  • Get in touch with the Department of Work and Pension and fill out the required forms for changing your old address to your new one.
  • You will also have to contact Australian Post and change your address there as well.
  • Other government organizations you must get in touch with are libraries, concession card centres, schools, universities, Human services, Driver’s License offices.

Please find below a list of all the top government organisations that you need to prioritize when updating your address Australia:

  • The Australian Postal Service
  • Australia Electoral Commission
  • Discount cards
  • The Australian Tax Office
  • Donate Life
  • Libraries
  • Driving License/ Permit
  • Child Support Agency, Centrelink, Medicare
  • Pap Test Records
  • Cards for senior citizens
  • Rego
  • Education (school, university, TAFE)


2. Any Recreational Clubs You Are Part of

These clubs mean your community swimming pool, any health club or the gym you are a part of, any magazine subscriptions that have your old postal address, any other clubs where you have provided your address.

In case of a long-distance or interstate move, you need to cancel your memberships to local clubs and gyms. Visit them, or give them a call before moving. 


3. Checklist for Changing Addresses in the Household

There are many services that we sign up for that require our address. Some of these services are television cable, landline phone, wifi services, and electricity.

  • Wifi Services:


When people move to a new home, they usually cancel their wifi subscriptions. This might also be a good idea for you. Your address change must be notified regardless of whether or not you want to move or cancel.

  • Television/Cable:


In order to update your billing address, you need to contact them. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to ask if you will need a new satellite dish or cable, since you don’t want to spend money on services that won’t work in your new home.

  • Landline/mobile Phone:


Since your landline phone number will need to change, you must notify your phone company of the change. Most companies request the change simultaneously with the broadband line change.

In order to get the correct bill sent to your mobile phone, you will need to update your address. Your provider can answer these questions by phone or in person.

  • TV Licenses:

tv license

You must visit the TV Licensing website to update your address when moving. Your TV license will not be valid in a new address. It’s best to do it 3 months before moving.


4. Address Change In Your Driving Document

  • Update your Address in driving License:

driving license

One of the most important documents that you need is to make sure that you change your address on your driving license. You can fill out the online form for free from your own home, just visit the website and fill in the relevant information. It may take 2-4 weeks for you to receive your revised license.

  • Vehicle Breakdown Cover:

vehicle breakdown

You change this information by visiting your provider’s website. This is crucial for providers who offer rates based on the area. It’s important for them to know where they may need to take you to if any breakdown happens.

  • Car Insurance:

car insurance

Your car insurance needs to be updated with your recent address so that in case anything does go wrong, you have all the documents in place.

Changing the address may change the payment rate as the rate is determined by the area where you live.


5. Changing the Addresses in Educational Institutions

Get in touch with any of your educational institutions or any of your kid’s schools and colleges and make sure you inform them about the change in address.

The process is actually quite simple – you will either be asked to fill a form or just give them the address. 

The procedure of changing the address varies from institute to institute, but make sure that this information is conveyed once the move has been finalized.


6. Announce the change of address to the Healthcare Sector

change of address to Healthcare Sector

Changing an address often means changing doctors as well. If this is the case, it is vital that your medical records are transmitted to the new physician. A similar situation arises with optical and dental offices and veterinarians with pet owners.

These medical services include your:

  • Dentist
  • General physician
  • Optician 
  • Pet’s vet. 

They use the address to also send certain communication by post or for home visits in case you need one. The best thing you can do is book an appointment before the move and inform them about the change in address.

7. Updating the Insurance Providers about Address Change 

Most insurance companies send their communication through the post, using your postal address. 

Also, to work out how much the cost of cover and premium is, some insurance companies use your postcode as well.

So if there is a change in postcode, then these matters can change as well.

However, you still need to update them so they can send bills to you if your insurance coverage does not change depending on your location.

To update your insurance company about your move, you can visit their websites or call them directly.

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Home/Contents Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

8. Informing the Household Services about the Address Change

Informing the Household Services about the Address Change

If you have the help that assists you with maintaining your home and getting things done on a regular basis like:

  • Gardener
  • Cleaner
  • Accountant
  • Solicitor

It is important that you let them know that you will be shifting homes.

This way, they can also plan their months accordingly and look for new jobs.

You need to make sure that this change is also a smooth transition for them because they might be depending on the income you give them to run their household.

In addition to them, update services like tenants and accountants who send things via post.


9. Informing the Utility Providers About Address Change

There are many utilities that are responsible for turning a house into a home like:

  • Electricity:


Energy providers update their information more than 48 hours after receiving it. Ensure they have your information well in advance to prevent any late-night hassles. The early termination fee could vary depending on your electricity account type. Alternatively, you may be able to shift the deal to your new house if you ask them.

  • Gas:


Your gas provider should be notified of your move. Make sure you check your gas and electricity on the day of your move. So, you won’t end up paying for services you didn’t use.

  • Water:


You should also inform your water provider of your move so you won’t incur any additional charges after you move.

  • Mail Redirection Service:

mail redirection

The process of changing every mailing address takes too much time. It is possible to redirect your mail by setting up a postal redirect. It is generally best to do it three months before moving. Redirecting isn’t a permanent fix, though. To simplify your move, you can pay a small fee to have Australia Post redirect your mail for up to 12 months. Take records of all mail you receive in this period while also making sure you update your address in order to maintain mail delivery after the transition period has ended. 

Updating all these service providers that you are moving to is important so that they can deactivate your account and you will not have to pay unnecessarily.

In case you want to continue with the same service provider when you move to your new place, they can also assist you in getting the services there. Planning this out beforehand is suggested, rather than dealing with it at the last moment.

10. Letting Banks and Other Monetary Organizations Know About Address Change

These money-related places include banks, loan providers, debit and credit card companies, and others of the sort. 

  • Bank:


For banks, the address is a key factor because that is where they deliver the chequebook and other important documents. Make sure your bank knows your new address. Not updating your residence can contribute to identity theft, since it provides your location as your primary identity. 

They can either be visited in person or updated online. Or contact the bank,  their customer care professionals will guide you through the process that may otherwise seem very daunting.

  • Loans Companies

loan companies

The companies that hold your loans should be informed about your address change. 

  • Credit card and Debit Card Companies

credit card

As part of updating your bank address, you can change the address for the debit/credit card company. Credit card charges require your new address for additional identification and billing purposes.

  • Pension


The change of address must be informed to the concerned authorities if you are receiving a private pension. If you are on a state pension, you can contact Australian Human Services.

  • Premium Bond

premium bond

It is not uncommon to receive unexpected profits from premium bonds. No potential winnings will be paid to you until your old address has been updated for any premium bonds.

  • Store cards

store card

The majority of store cards grant you shopping benefits and carry your address, so you should let the store know if your address has changed. Then, you won’t have to worry about trying to get items delivered to the old house when you order from their branch at your new address.


11. Voter Registration

No matter when the next election will take place, staying on top of your information with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is important. It’s quick and easy to update your voter registration details.

 Changing your registration could mean moving to a different district. Additionally, upon settling into your new home, you should familiarize yourself with your new electorate.

12. Last But Definitely not the Least, Your Friends and Family

This may seem very obvious, but sometimes the most obvious moves may slip our minds. Make sure that you update your friends and family about the move way before the final day. 

You can do this over a group text because calling each one of them can be quite tricky.

If you want to handle this in a very systematic manner, making a list of all the people you need to inform and ticking them off the list once it’s done is the best way to go forward. 

This way, you may even get some volunteers who may want to help you on the day of the move.

It really helps to have a list of places you need to contact, which is why being organized and making sure you have reached out to everyone on this list while moving will result in a smoother and hassle-free move.

While telling your friends and family is quite the obvious one, there are many other places where you may miss out. 

It takes time to change your address, but if you prepare in advance, it’s easier.

We hope this list helps you stay sorted and relaxed at the beginning of your new journey!

Changing your address is so complicated that a little help can make all the difference. Book a Movers experts who have the expertise you need to make your move as easy as possible. Whether you need packing supplies such as moving boxes, or a combination of moving services, get in touch with our friendly team today on 405008349

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