Most people spend a huge amount on buying different types of packing materials, including moving boxes while relocating their new house or office. However, it does not make sense to buy numerous boxes that will no longer be of any use to you once you have moved.

Thankfully, it is possible to find free moving boxes that you can use to pack your belongings and reduce the overall cost of your move considerably.

Given below are the brief details of the top ten places where you can get a good quality moving boxes of various sizes and materials absolutely free and save a significant amount.

Where to get free moving boxes?


Ask Your Family and Friends

If anyone within your family or friends has recently shifted home, you can ask them for any moving boxes they might not have disposed of yet. You can spread the message that you are looking for moving boxes through WhatsApp groups or by posting about the same on social media. While asking around for moving boxes, you may even enquire about the availability of other packing materials to increase your savings.

Enquire at the Local Grocery Store

If you are looking for larger boxes to store bigger household items, your local grocery store might be the best place to get the same free of cost. However, you should make sure to enquire about such boxes at least a couple of weeks before the moving day. This is because grocery stores receive such boxes regularly and choose to dispose of them at the earliest.

Visit Bar and Liquor Stores

Liquor stores are the best places to get heavy-duty boxes that are suitable for packing glass and chinaware and other delicate items. You can find both small and mid-size boxes at these stores and take your pick as per your need. However, you should be aware of the stock delivery date of these stores so that you can arrive early and claim the free moving boxes.

Ask Around in Local Recycling Centres

Most people choose to dump their moving boxes at the local recycling centers once they have finished unpacking all their belongings. Hence, these centers are the right place to get moving boxes of different sizes and types completely free of cost. However, you might need to check the boxes thoroughly to ensure they are not too damaged and can be used to safely pack your things.

Look Around at Local Pharmacies and Novelty Stores

Most pharmacies and novelty stores get a regular supply of big and medium-sized boxes as a part of stock transfer. Making the managers of these stores aware of your needs will ensure that they do not break down the boxes before showing them to you. You may also request the managers to provide you advance notice about the arrival of the next shipment so that you can get the boxes in time.

Check With Office Supply Stores

Office supply stores often use heavy-duty boxes to deliver different types of stationery items to their clients. You can check these stores for any unused or surplus boxes that can be used for packing your belongings. Unlike the boxes from other stores, the ones procured from those providing office supplies are relatively larger and cleaner.

Try Major Restaurant Chains

Restaurant chains often deliver bulk food items packed in sturdy boxes to each outlet at least once every week. The individual outlets often throw away the boxes after placing the food items in storage and this can prove beneficial for you. You get these boxes for free from these restaurants and use them to pack the items in your pantry.

Seek Help from Local Bookstores

The local bookstores are another place to find clean and sturdy boxes of different sizes. Most such stores order books in bulk which are delivered in heavy-duty boxes that can withhold great weight. However, the stores often break down the boxes or put them away for recycling once they have been emptied. As such these stores are likely to be more than happy to provide you with the boxes for free.


Talk to the Authorities at a Local School

A school is yet another place where you may find different types of cardboard boxes that are not used in any way. Moreover, schools often show great enthusiasm in helping you find the right cardboard boxes as it helps them keep their premises clutter-free. School authorities also give away the boxes to you for free as it enables them to teach their students the benefits of recycling and reusing things.

Look Online for People Offering Free Boxes

Various online sites such as Gumtree and Craiglist list people or establishments offering free moving boxes to interested individuals. You can meet such individuals personally to check the quality and type of boxes they are offering. If the free cardboard boxes match your needs, you can then decide on a delivery time and location. However, you should exercise some caution and arrange the first meeting or even the delivery schedule in a safe public location.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace emerges as an invaluable resource to find free boxes in good condition. With a simple scroll through local listings, you’ll discover a plethora of individuals eager to offload their surplus packaging materials. From small cardboard boxes to big boxes perfect for heavy items to specialized containers designed to safeguard fragile items during relocation.

One of the distinct advantages of sourcing moving boxes is the ability to connect directly with local residents. This direct interaction ensures that you can inspect the boxes firsthand, verifying their quality and suitability for your needs.

Additionally, businesses often utilize Facebook Marketplace to manage excess inventory or surplus shipments, presenting yet another avenue to procure free moving boxes.

Final Thoughts 


In conclusion, finding free moving boxes is not only a savvy way to save money but also an eco-friendly choice that benefits both your wallet and the environment.You are sure to find enough free moving boxes from the above-mentioned places to pack all your belongings safely.

Remember to prioritize sturdy, large boxes for efficient packing and consider utilizing alternative options like reusable containers or repurposed materials for added sustainability.

With a well-stocked arsenal of free boxes, your moving day will be smoother, safer, and more cost-effective, ensuring a seamless transition to your new house without breaking the bank or compromising the safety of your belongings during transit.

So, whether you’re loading up your vehicle or coordinating with a moving truck, take advantage of the wealth of free stuff available to make your move a breeze.

Even though finding free boxes nearby is easy, you can still save time by letting a skilled removalist take care of everything!

You can use the money thus saved to pay for other relocation needs such as buying insurance coverage or paying transportation charges or any other way you deem fit.

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