You want your house to smell nice, right? You want to come home and feel good about the cleanliness of your house. You want your house to be free of germs, contaminations and other stuff that can breed health issues in your family.

Trying to do all these things yourself is not only a huge chore, but it’s also impossible. Unless you literally have all day every day to clean your house, you’re going to need professional help. Professional cleaners will come in and scrub every inch of your house and leave you with a fresh scent that only professionals can provide.


4 Reasons Why You Need Professional Cleaners


1.They use special equipment

If you don’t have the right equipment, you will need to improvise. That could mean using a ladder or some other piece of equipment that might not be safe for cleaning your ceiling fan. A professional cleaner will use the proper equipment for any job, ensuring that it is done right the first time.

2. They know how to get rid of stains

You probably don’t know how to get rid of some types of stains, such as grease or rust stains. Professional cleaners know all about these types of stains and they will be able to get them out of your carpet or other items quickly and easily.

3. They use only safe chemicals

Professional cleaners use specialised products and cleaning products that are safer for everyone in the home. Many of these eco-friendly cleaning products can be used without worrying about harsh fumes and chemicals seeping into the air.

4. You’ll get your money’s worth

With professional cleaners, they will clean your home or office with all the latest equipment that delivers high-quality results. You can rest assured that they will give your business or home its money’s worth every single time.

As much as we understand the importance of a professional cleaning service, it’s hard to find someone reliable and trustworthy enough. This is why we have compiled a list of the top Brisbane cleaners to make it easy for you. These cleaners do an amazing job cleaning your home or office just the way you want. So let’s jump in and look at the top cleaners in Brisbane.


Top 20 Cleaning Services in Brisbane


1. Smart Cleaning Concepts


 Smart Cleaning Concepts

Whether your carpet is flooded, you need curtains steam cleaned, or your windows cleaned after a storm, Smart Cleaning Concepts in Brisbane has the solution for you. They are available 24/7 for emergency cleaner support with commercial or residential needs and do a thorough job of cleaning your home or office.

2. Dr Clean Cleaning Services


Dr Clean Cleaning Services

Dr Clean Cleaning Services has been a sought-after name in the cleaning industry for many years. They have worked hard to build up a strong customer base and are now one of the most trusted cleaning service providers. Whether it’s a spotless clean or emergency cleaner support, they can efficiently handle any task. They provide cleaning services for homes and also for commercial premises in Brisbane.

3. Deluxe Cleaning Group


Deluxe Cleaning Group

Deluxe cleaning group is a spotless cleaning service for commercial or residential needs. If you have been looking for a trustworthy and reliable cleaner, look no further. They have been providing excellent cleaning services to clients in Brisbane. Deluxe Cleaning Group offers a guarantee of cleaning services. If it isn’t done the way you like it we will come back and do it again.

4. YKC Cleaning Services


YKC Cleaning Services

YKC Cleaning Services is a local Brisbane cleaning company that offers high-quality cleaning solutions to businesses and individual homeowners. The top cleaners can provide expert cleaning such as commercial carpet cleaning, emergency carpet cleaning, and commercial window cleaning.

At YKC Cleaning Services, each customer receives an entire team of cleaning experts to handle every aspect of their cleaning needs.

5. Alliance Cleaning


Alliance Cleaning

You don’t need to waste time thinking of ways to keep your property clean, as Alliance Cleaning has great solutions for you and your family! For your business, home or even at an office space, they will strive to deliver professional and consistent cleaning success. They are always looking to better their practices and set the bar even higher when it comes to quality of work.

6. Brisbane House Cleaners


Brisbane House Cleaners

The team from Brisbane House Cleaners are committed to giving their clients high-quality cleaning service at an affordable rate while ensuring that their clients’ homes are free from pests and dust. They use a specialised eco-friendly product, which is less hazardous to both the environment and its clients. They also offer a wide range of services, including pest control, home cleaning, window cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning, relocation cleaning and dry carpet steam cleaning.

7. Simply Maid


 Simply Maid

Simply Maid Cleaning Services is here to help you with a wide range of specialised cleaning services and are maintaining high standards in the industry. They are a team of highly professional cleaners committed to giving the clients high-quality services at an affordable rate. They offer cleanings for houses and apartments, including bed bug extermination services, dry carpet cleaning and deep upholstery cleaning.

8. Maid In Australia Domestic and Commercial Cleaners


Maid In Australia Domestic and Commercial Cleaners

Maid In Australia Domestic and Commercial Cleaners provide a range of cleaning services to residential and commercial clients in Brisbane. They deliver a higher level of customer service for your home, office or business. You can trust their friendly team of experts will provide high-quality cleaning services such as windows, curtains, blinds and much more to your home or office.

9. NEST Home Services


 NEST Home Services

NEST Home Services is a trusted house cleaning service provider in Brisbane. They satisfy every type of cleaning a home would need. They offer a wide range of house cleaning services, including carpet, upholstery, curtain, and window cleaning. In addition to regular cleaning service, they offer end of lease cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, soft washing, and gutter and roof gutters cleaning.

10. Family Clean


Family Clean

Family clean is a top company offering house cleaning services in Sydney and Brisbane. It’s a boutique cleaning agency that has successfully and satisfactorily delivered a wide range of cleaning services for more than 25 years. They specialize in carpet cleaning, window cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, bond cleaning, steam carpet cleaning, spring cleaning, gutter cleaning, and high-pressure cleaning. The professionals of Family Clean pride themselves on giving an excellent service tailored to your requirements.

11. Dr Clean Services


Dr Clean Cleaning Services

Dr Clean Services can be your ultimate cleaning solution for squeaky clean and healthy homes and offices. The team offers a professional, fast, efficient and thorough service to every one of its clients. They also maintain consistency while providing clients with quality and reliability. They take up any hard cleaning task and do an amazing job of leaving a clean house behind. Dr Clean uses ECO-friendly products. By choosing them you choose less hazardous products that have positive environmental attributes, like low toxicity, low volatile organic compound content, low life cycle use, and are biodegradable.

12. Maid2Match



The main goal of Maid2Match is to protect the environment and provide its clients with a safe place for themselves and their families by ensuring that all hazardous materials are handled professionally and safely. Trust the experts with over 8 years of experience in providing complete property maintenance services. They understand the importance of adhering to property management specifications and guidelines, including lease breakup standards.

13. SKG Cleaning Services


SKG Cleaning Services

SKG Cleaning Services is one of the most reliable and professional cleaning companies in Brisbane. They are committed to providing superior cleaning service in a compassionate and professional manner. Their friendly cleaners always ensure that they provide only the highest standard of cleaning service. Their customer service team is available 24/7 and are more than happy to answer your questions or concerns.

14. Zoom Office Cleaning


Zoom Office Cleaning

Zoom Office Cleaning is committed to offering comprehensive cleaning services to commercial and industrial clients. They provide comprehensive cleaning services that can be customised to suit the needs of individual clients.

They have specialised teams to cater for all types of cleaning needs, including window cleaners, carpet cleaners, steam cleaners, air duct cleaners, builders cleans, housekeeping services, after builders clean and end of lease cleaning in Brisbane.

15. Liberty Services

Liberty Services


The team from Liberty Services is committed to fixing and cleaning your home to the same standard every time. They do an initial visit to see your home’s needs, fine-tune them, and then find a suitable cleaner matched with that home’s needs. If you’re moving into a new home, Liberty Services can clean the home and make it spick and span clean for you.

The cleaners are vetted, insured and fully trained on their cleaning systems and standards before working for you. They are 100% committed to delivering the best possible final product and service at all costs.

16. AKS Star Cleaning Services


AKS Star Cleaning Services

AKS Star Cleaning Services strive to improve the environment, health and safety of the clients, colleagues and local communities all the while doing an excellent job at home cleaning. They do this by delivering a variety of cleaning business services customised to meet the unique needs of a diverse range of businesses while providing highly trained employees with extensive knowledge, skills and experience.

Whether you require eco-friendly deep cleaning services or daily/weekly routine cleaning in Brisbane, contact AKS Star Cleaning Services for your next commercial or residential cleaning job.

17. Ovenu Brisbane North


Ovenu Brisbane North

Ovenu Brisbane North offers specific cleaning solutions to give your oven the ultimate clean! From regular domestic oven cleaning and deep cleaning, they help you keep your oven completely grime-free. The professional team does an outstanding job of cleaning.

18. Trem Clean


Trem Clean

Trem Clean offers you a customized regular house cleaning solution that fits your budget and effectively meets your requirements. Their staff is trained, friendly, and conscious of health and safety practices. They offer various cleaning solutions like tile cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, end-of-lease, and pre-sale cleaning, floor washing, furniture cleaning, and many more.

19. Fantastic Cleaners


Fantastic Cleaners Brisbane

Fantastic Cleaners is proud to have a team of skilled house cleaners dedicated to exceeding customers’ expectations. The cleaners are carefully selected, well-trained, and prepared for any cleaning task you may ask them to perform. The equipment they utilize is of the highest standard, which helps them deliver the expected results every time!

20. Platinum Window Cleaning


Platinum Window Cleaning

This company is known for being one of the top window cleaners in Brisbane. With 10+ years of industry experience, they have mastered the art of window cleaning and have the tools and techniques to restore your windows back to their original beauty. Their well-trained staff is equipped with the most advanced technologies in securing access to all types of windows to ensure maximum safety.


The amount of time you spend cleaning your home should be tailored to your lifestyle. It should save you time whenever possible because these things can ultimately add up and make your home or office messy. This is why you need reliable cleaners to help you out. Choose from any of these cleaning companies for a sparkly clean space.



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