You might be shifting to a bigger living space or apartment. No matter where you are moving, there are many ways to improve the new apartment or existing property.

It is no surprise that various things can affect daily life when you are shifting to a new place. Many things can make a huge difference in day-to-day comfort and convenience, from a careful design to terrific storage solutions to excellent new kitchen appliances.

How can you get ideas for your home renovation

  1. Start researching your renovation project lists by checking ideas and inspiration online, or you can talk to a professional contractor who can offer a free estimate on the work needed for home renovation in the living space, bathroom, walls, windows and doors.
  2. You can sort your lists via rooms and make sure to prioritize the new house renovation projects, which can give a most value per dollar spent. The cost is a crucial factor and must always be taken into consideration.
  3. You can write down all the details of items which need renovation, along with some helpful information. As an example, new flooring, upgraded kitchen etc. If more than one item needs renovation in the room, you can make a different list for them.
  4. You can check every room and look for areas which require home renovation process. For every room, you can ask if there is something which you want to improve/change or you can renovate whole building. A project manager can help you in this regard and allow you to focus only on the grey areas, and thus save money.

Ideas to renovate your home when you move

For the renovation project you need to make sure that heating, paint, repair, plumbing etc goes well. You should also make sure that every thing remains in budget and at the same time more space can be created out of the available space. It will be good to cover the existing items with old clothes and to avoid moving heavy items while painting. Also make sure to handle fragile materials with care as they may break during renovation process.

1. Switch the window and door curtains/blinds

You can quickly transform the look and feel of your room by changing its window shutters, curtains, and blinds or simply by adding a new window film. It will also help to prevent dust. A new look to your windows and doors can give your place an instant facelift. The critical thing to remember while shopping for window treatment is how it will go with the rest of your interior design plan. Will the window décor blend with the background, or will it be a focal point? You should also need to consider if you need airy, light, textured or heavy window treatment. After selecting all these things, you should think about how they will look practically. Will they be able to handle daily wear and tear? With the help of these factors, you can easily select the right window treatment for your home including bathroom in a very cost effective way.

2. Add a pergola or deck.

If you have a nice view from your new home, you should definitely add a pergola or deck for relaxing or enjoying warm sunny days and to put environmental impact in home. You can also enjoy doing a barbecue with your friends. It is one of the most cost-effective ways for any renovation project to increase a home’s value and can be done by yourself. So, there is no need to hire professionals to do this task as you only need some essential tools, a hammer drill and some of your precious time as renovation may take several weeks. Like this you can also save money. If it is designed carefully, it can add additional value place if you consider it selling in the future.

3. Redo the flooring

When you move to a new place, the most exciting part is creating a new look for your home. It also includes new flooring. From wood to tiling to carpets, there are various ideas to consider for renovating your home. You can select from faux wood flooring, laminated flooring, stained wood flooring and tile flooring so that it remains in good shape during long run. You can also choose to put a wall-to-wall carpet or a rectangular one in the centre of the room. So, whatever your choice is, do not forget to consider the home’s occupants while deciding on floors. In this way homeowners will feel good.

4. Pick out an inspiring and soothing paint colour.

Selecting the right paint colour is the primary step in changing the look and feel of your home. This is the simple change which can instantly make your place look fresh. Do not go for matching walls colours, as you can choose the colour that complements your house’s overall effect. Before selecting the paint colour for your room, consider its function and purpose and the emotions you want to evoke. If you’re going to create an inviting home which feels spacious, open and clean, then you should go for lighter shades of green or blue, which do not compete with natural light.

5. Think about the lighting fixtures

One thing which should not be ignored is the effect of light in your home. Bright lights in the living spaces can do wonders. So, this should be your focused area where you should invest money to make it look appealing. In most cases, replacing old bulbs with LED is not enough. Sometimes the fixtures also need to be upgraded. If you are renovating older homes with original sockets, then require high-watt LED bulbs. Here you can either upgrade sockets or install new ones, whatever makes sense. Most of the time, it also includes the cost of new wiring. But before doing anything, take the guidance of a project manager and check out the cost included in it.

Wrap Up

Moving can be an enormous stress, mainly when you are renovating your home. This is where you can take the help of professionals as they take complete charge of the move, and you can entirely focus on extensive renovations and making a stunning home with good roof space. Make sure to do a careful planning and do renovation in such a way that it can save energy, improve cooling system, gives better thermal performance and efficient heating along with offering lots of natural light in your own home. After this even if you have to sell your home, the local council will assist you. Above all make sure that there is no heat loss after renovation and you are getting continuous hot water supply.


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