Nobody has ever said that moving to a new home is an easy task. It is challenging when you are moving to Brisbane for the first time. You may not know-how to do so. Hence, it becomes essential to book a removalist for the hassle-free move to Brisbane. Book a Mover is very experienced and has the right expertise which can be a boon to you.

Tips for easy move to Brisbane

If you are planning on to moving to Brisbane, then here are top 10 smart tips for packing stuff while moving to Brisbane which can be of great help to you:

1. Use a Calculator for Packing: Although you may have a lot of things at home, which has to be packed, who likes those additional boxes? If they are not in use, then it is a painful task to carry them while you are moving to Brisbane. Thankfully, with the innovation of the packing calculators, you can now get a proper estimate on the number of your packing boxes and moving the stuff from one place to the other which is needed based on the bedroom numbers, the number of people present at home, the overall lifestyle of yours and the style of packing, etc.

Hence, before you end up spending on boxes and the supplies, make sure you use the packing calculator effectively.

2. Get hands-on Boxes and Packing Kits: Not only on the packing boxes, but must also keep an eye on the various packing kits as well. For example, if at home you have many wine glasses and coffee mugs, then the removalists company may want to use bags of glass pick which have dividers in them and custom made to pack the glassware safely. In case of packing a dinnerware, then dish packing kits which come with foam punches are the best, which helps in moving the fragile plates properly.

3. Time to get organized: Once that you have obtained the number of boxes and the supplies of packing, it’s now the correct time to have an organization system for moving out without any hassles. One can get different hands-on things such as sharp markers, box labels, color-coded stickers, or tapes, which helps in actually keeping track of what exactly is inside the box. You can take on to discuss this with your removalists company before the scheduled date.

4. Familiarize oneself with the non-allowable: Before you get into action and start packing the boxes, make sure that you have an idea about what not to pack. The moving companies out there aren’t allowed to transport dangerous or perishable items such as scuba tanks, fertilizers, refrigerated food, propane tanks, pool chemicals, tax documents, various medicines, etc. Do not forget to take a list of non-allowable items from the moving company and make an alternative arrangement to transfer them to Brisbane or dispose of them safely.

5. Focus on storage and decluttering: Forming a clutter at home by bringing out items that you do not require to your new place is a waste of effort and time. To eliminate confusion, make sure to create separate piles which are:

  • Trash pile
  • Donation pile
  • Sell pile
  • Storage pile

The concept is basic, anything which isn’t worth donating makes sure to discard it in the trash, but don’t forget to discard appropriately and responsibly. There must be several items that may be used gently but are not at all worth selling should be thrown in the donation pile. These donations can be given to many sites, which include the habitat for humanity, goodwill, etc.

6. Please Read on the Best ways to Pack some Individual Items: Before actually getting into action to pack the home with the removalist company, it is always advised to learn about a few best ideas of how to pack some particular things of the households such as TVs, valuables or artworks. Ensure that the removalists pack them in bubble wrap and then in a carton so that there is no damage during your moving.

7. Go Packing Room-by-Room: Once you are all set to begin packing, try and streamline the entire packing process by focusing on a room at a time. We recommend that you start packing the places that are not needed in the last days of your stay here. The last rooms you would want to pack up must include bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen, children’s room, nursery, which cannot be packed beforehand. Make sure that you either label or color code each of the packed boxes with the name of the corresponding place to help you unpack the boxes easily in Brisbane.

8. Disassemble the Furniture and Lamps: We suggest that disassembling should be done as early as possible so that more of the belongings can be fit inside a rental of the truck. This will make sure to speed up the entire process of packing and unpacking. This will lead you to make your moving time a little less and will also turn out to be a little cheaper. A few items of furniture which need to be taken before moving are dining tables, dressers, beds, modular sofas, etc.

9. Double-Check with the Boxes which are Packed Securely: You would not want your items to slip out or break during moving to Brisbane. To avoid such a situation, avoid indulging in the overpacking of the box. In an, all the large tables, make sure you contain some light items which could include pillows, blankets, books, etc. Make sure that once you are done with packing all the boxes, the tops, sides, and bottoms are taped properly.

10. Personal Items need to be Saved for the Last-Minute Packing: All the valuables and personal items should be avoided for the end as you never know when their need might arise. If you end up packing the essentials overnight to keep it with you, make sure to follow the items in an organized manner. Certain other valuables such as jewellery or a few sentimental items should be carried along with you while moving and shouldn’t be transported.

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