Like any other kind of relocation, office moving has its specific issues, and it can be a stressful affair if not planned in detail.

There may be valuable electronic items and lots of bulky items to pack with care. You may also not have sufficient time to do it systematically since offices do not usually shut down for packing and keep running till the last minute.

It would be advisable to hire professional office removalists who will provide you with some handy moving tips.

These tips will guide you to make a smooth, hassle-free move. You also need to prepare an office moving checklist to ensure that you pack precious items appropriately and also remember to pack all items essential for the smooth functioning of your office.

Step By Step Checklist for Office Moving

The following office moving checklist will make your moving process a smooth one:

  1. Plan the initial steps to take: A detailed plan with the priorities should be made months before the actual day of moving to ensure there are no hiccups on a moving day.

It should include the following:

  • Make teams, assign tasks to each member, and choose who will lead each team for a smooth transit
  • Check the expiry period of your current office’s lease. See if you may need to move early to the new location and figure out the losses that may incur because of that
  • Shortlist the best office removalists, get quotes from them, and opt for one who will provide the best services for your money
  • Check if you have insured valuable furniture and other equipment
  • Make a detailed budget that will cover all possible costs and also allow for contingencies. This will help you to put a limit to your expenses and prevent any excess spending

2. Make a detailed plan for the new office: A precise, comprehensive plan needs to be made about how you will arrange items at your new office.

It should contain the following details:

  • The total floor space available in the new office should be calculated
  • It should be decided how you are going to layout your furniture at the new place
  • All items of furniture which need to be moved should be added to the list. If any items are not required and can be disposed of, they should be noted
  • If required, orders can be placed for any new furniture for a delivery address of the new office
  • It would be good to provide each staff member with a number and also assign the same number to their equipment and desks.
  • Similarly, each department can be given a separate colour code or number to eliminate confusion.
  • Incase you plan to move your HVAC you can mention in this list. It is important to speak to the HVAC contractors in advance, so they are available on the day of installation. It is entirely your choice if you want to install new HVAC or move the old one.
  • Get any permits or licenses that will be required on the day of moving
  • Arrange space for parking at the new location on a moving day
  • Decide which staff members will be supervising the moving at the new location and who will remain at the old premises
  • Share the new passwords, access codes, and the keys needed at the new office with your employees through secured access
  • Provide details of the new office’s location and information about colour codes for each department to all staff members
  • Inform all concerned parties of your moving: It is essential to inform business associates and other related parties about your relocation.

The below tips will be useful in this regard:

  • Inform all staff members and provide them with the new address and the date of moving
  • Send a notice to your present landlord about your proposed moving
  • Confirm with your office removalists about your moving date and time
  • Inform your partners, business associates, and suppliers about your move so that they will not be affected

3. Update your new address details: To keep receiving essential mails and other correspondence you will need to send details of your new office location to all concerned people. If not prepared, you may not receive important information like bank statements, income tax notices, bills for services used, etc.

The list should include:

  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Your internal intercom company
  • Your business associates, partners, and customers
  • The company that provides you internet connection
  • Your insurance firm
  • Your chartered accountant
  • Any other service providers that you are currently using computer service centres
  • Water service company

4. The moving-day plan: All the above preparations should ensure that things proceed smoothly on the actual day of moving.

  • Additional moving tips will ensure there are no further issues on the big day:
  • It would be advisable to move electronic equipment like computers, printers, copiers, etc. first
  • If you are using a colour code for each item, ensure that all of them are correctly placed in their exact locations
  • Arrange for refreshments like food and drinks to all staff members at the new location
  • Ensure that your electrical connection is running at the new office
  • Make sure that water supply is available at the new location
  • Ensure telephone lines are operational
  • See that you have a ready internet connection available
  • Contact your office removalists and ensure that they are coming for your moving on the scheduled time.

5. The actual moving day: After your successful move, you need to get things organized so that all routine office work will take place smoothly.

Here are a few tips:

  • Check all systems such as telephone lines, internet connection, and water supply to see if they are functioning properly
  • Inspect all electronic items for damages, and check if they are working properly. Get them repaired so that there is no breakdown when you start working
  • Check all items including furniture and report any damages to the moving company
  • Connect the computer, printer, fax, and all other electronic equipment when you unpack them so that your workflow can be started
  • Ensure properly marking of the departments so that the staff members are appropriately stationed at the respective areas
  • Say thanks to all the staff who made the moving process easy

The above office moving checklist, along with the moving tips, will guide you to ensure a smooth relocation to your new office. Hiring experienced, and professional office removalists will guarantee that there are no unwanted breakdowns on a moving day.Book A Mover Office Moving Checklist

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