Planning to move to another state or across the country? It is the ideal opportunity to plan a fantastic trip and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

With so many beautiful sightseeing and attractions to witness all across Australia, we don’t need a second to understand why you want to drive to your new home. Smart move!

Let’s take a dig into the long-distance road trip checklist and make sure you can enjoy the “once-in-a-lifetime” experience without missing a beat.

Invaluable tips for going on a long-distance road trip

  • Map the route

Starting the journey with a plan in place is always a good idea. Therefore you must ensure that you have already planned out your driving route-after all, the journey is about hundreds or thousands of miles.

Use Google Maps and Waze to determine the fastest route. Also, keep a check on the time of the day that you’re planning to move. It does make a lot of difference!

Plan out a guideline to know where to stop and what you want to see during the road trip. Don’t forget to have an emergency contact in place that is aware of your plans.

  • Pack food and the essentials for the journey

You are going on a long road trip, and therefore you “must” be ahead of time and prepare all the foods and snacks before the trip. Make sure you have all the food and snacks packed up for the journey-including bottled water, preparing sandwiches, nuts, energy bars, and everything you will need.

Don’t forget the essentials and the must-haves along the ride. Maps, first aid kits, blankets, pillows, portables are like the “road-trip- essentials” that you cannot plan a journey without.

For ease and better control, try to make a list of everything that you will need during the journey and tick them off once you have already included it in the car.

  • Get your car serviced

This is one of the smartest moves that many often forget. But you won’t since you already have the guide! Before setting off on any road trip, you must get your car servicing done. Along with the servicing, ensure you always travel along with an emergency car kit- no matter how far you’re travelling.

Check the tire pressure, the battery, the brakes, the fluid, and other tech features in the car. If possible, get auto insurance coverage to ensure safety for you and your family.

  • Book your lodging ahead of time

Though you can rely on a smartphone to help you find and book hotels, it is always best to make a reservation of your lodging ahead of time. You don’t want to go through the unnecessary drama of scrambling to find a place in the eleventh hour.

Another good idea is always to keep a list of hotels that you’ve already booked or planning to book, including the address and the telephone along with the name of the contact person. If you are all about technology to get all work done, you can check the services of Airbnb and Vrbo to get the work done.

  • Don’t forget to download the route map before the trip

Doesn’t seem necessary? It is! Wait till you read the next lines. Since you are going on a road trip, you may have to travel through routes with mountains and terrains, having weak or limited cell phone services. In such situations, you’ll still need the map to access through the journey safely. Therefore ALWAYS have a copy of your route downloaded before hitting the road.

Whether it’s Google or any other map services you prefer, you must always have a backup plan and not always rely on technology blindly.

  • Plan your Must-Sees

Now you have a route planned along with the maps and the directions. The next task is to take full advantage of the road trip and enjoy the “must-sees” along the ride.

It’s amusing to experience the exciting destinations with family and add these memories to your list. The best way to do it is to break up the drive through the important and interesting areas and sight-seeing and make sure to stop by them to take a break from the monotonous journey.

  • Hire a reputable moving company

Since you are planning on a long-distance move, you need to hire interstate movers to help you move items thousands of miles away to the new destination.

But before you hire any one of them, you must compare the prices, the services along with the trustworthiness of the moving company. You don’t want to go through the unpleasant experience of getting scammed, right? Therefore before you choose, you must always verify unless you choose interstate moving.

  • Load your media before the trip

Definitely, you don’t want a dull trip! Therefore before hitting the road, make sure you download all movies and songs you plan to watch and enjoy during your road trip. Especially if you are going on a long road trip with babies and children, you will need videos and music to maintain sanity.

We suggest downloading all kinds of media before time because you have access to all the entertainment you need at the right time.

  • Double-check to make sure you have all the essential documents

From the driver’s license to registration to the car manual – you just can’t start the journey without these essential documents. Make sure to plan and check to make sure you have all of them in the car. Don’t forget to double-check!

  • Is driving a better idea than flying?

If you’re still unsure whether driving long distances is better than flying to the destination, we’ll help you make better decisions.

  • Flying is high-ticket compared to driving

It’s a no brainer to know that plane tickets cost several hundred dollars and even more. If you’re on a budget, driving is better than flying – it will help you save a lot of money.

  • Driving gives you more mobility

While going on a trip, you want to enjoy the trip where you can stop and go as you please, and only driving gives “exactly” the experience you want. Along with it, you can also take everything you want (including your four-legged friends!) without needing to worry about any restrictions.

  • Driving allows you to enjoy more of the country

Imagine the feelings of cold winds blowing across your face while you enjoy the beautiful scenic beauty. Blissful! A road trip allows you to witness and enjoy the natural beauty that Australia has to offer.

Looking for a professional moving company to drive your belongings to the new place?

Now that you have planned everything for the road trip. The next step is to make sure your items get delivered to the new destination the right way. Hire Interstate Movers today and allow the experts to handle it all for you. They are simply the best movers in Brisbane committed to helping their clients with the best moving services.

Hope you find this article helpful! Thanks for reading!

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