The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in a home and having an organized kitchen can help save time and improve efficiency. Investing time and effort in kitchen organization helps to ensure optimized use of counter space besides keeping the kitchen tidy. It also ensures easy access to various kitchen essentials while you are using the space and also helps to maximize kitchen storage in kitchen drawer. You also feel a sense of pride while giving your guests a kitchen tour. While using a professional organizer can prove beneficial for keeping the space organized, you should also consider the following tips to organize the kitchen and maximize space.


1. Use the Cabinet Spaces Appropriately

use cabinet space

When organizing the kitchen, it is important to use the cabinet space appropriately. This means that items like the knife block, the cutting board, and other food prep items should always be placed in the lower cabinets. Items that are least used such as big utensils should be stored in upper cabinets. It is better to use the cabinets just above the countertop for food storage or for storing baking items. Similarly, the top shelf should be used to place items that you may not have to reach out to only once or twice every few weeks.


2. Group Like Items

group like items

An effective way to organize the kitchen is by grouping items that fall under the same category together. For example, you can choose to place pots and pans together and can similarly store the mixing bowls in one place. This helps to minimize wasted space and also ensures that you can start cooking immediately without wasting time finding the right cooking utensils. Grouping like items together also helps in keeping the kitchen tidy and avoids cluttering the kitchen island.


3. Focus On Sustainable Storage

Sustainable Storage

Use sustainable food storage containers to keep the items fresh and ready to use. You can use a spice rack to store everyday spices or store less frequently used pantry items in clean, air-tight containers. You can even use reusable food storage boxes for keeping pantry staples to prevent them from getting spoiled. It is also advisable to dedicate an entire section of cabinets for pantry storage. It is also a good idea to store things in the pantry cabinet after organizing them in different categories based on type and frequency of usage.


4. Make Ample Use Of Cabinet Doors

cabinet doors

When organizing a kitchen, most people tend to simply fail to utilize the space of the cabinet door. With a few simple additions, cabinet doors can become the perfect place to store lids of containers, and cutting boards, hang kitchen towels or even place aluminum foil.  It is often easier to pull from a paper towel roll hanging on a cabinet door than to cut it off from a roll that is just lying there on the counter. However, in the case of glass cabinet doors, it is advisable to verify the sturdiness of the glass panes and avoid using them to store items that are too heavy.


5. Use The Vertical Space Appropriately

The walls of the kitchen present enough space for open shelves that can hold a wide range of kitchen utensils and appliances. Using this vertical space will help you ensure that the kitchen counter or floor space is not overcrowded. You can use the shelves of the wall space to store coffee cups, canned goods, or even wine glasses. You just need to use your creativity to make the generally unused space useful without making it seem cluttered or untidy.


6. Invest Generously In Kitchen Drawers

kitchen drawers

Kitchen drawers present the most versatile and flexible storage space which is why they almost always outnumber the kitchen cabinets. You can consider getting deeper drawers for storing large containers or using drawer dividers to store cutlery in an organized manner. You can even opt for a set of hanging rack drawers to get extra space to store smaller items. Pull-out drawers are easier to clean and manage and can help eliminates the need for you to worry about having messy drawers.


7. Use Pull-Out Organizers

pull out organizers

A pull-out organizer offers an effective way to store a wide range of kitchen items in a categorized way. From utensils to cleaning supplies and glass jars to baking supplies and paper towels, you can use these organizers to store almost anything. These organizers can help save space and thus come in quite handy in homes with small kitchens with limited storage space.


8. Have A Drying Rack

drying racks

A drying rack is a wise investment to keep your kitchen looking tidy and organized. It should be placed near the kitchen sink to prevent the water dripping from the washed utensils from spreading all over the counter. Having a dish rack also ensures that you do not need to save an empty corner on the counter for the utensils to dry out. It also helps to prevent staining of the countertop and the water droplets dripping into the trash can causing it to stink.


9. Hang A Magnetic Sorter On The Side Of The Refrigerator

Magnetic Sorter

Using a magnetic sorter can help save valuable cabinet space besides providing easy access to everyday items like plastic grocery bags. Depending on the type of sorter you choose, you can use it to store baking sheets or tea towels, or other items that you need to reach out to without much searching around.



Most modern homes feature an open floor plan with the dining room right next to the kitchen. Keeping your kitchen well organized using the above tips can make your home more appealing and impressive.

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