While moving a house, the kitchen supplies are surprisingly very time-consuming to pack. In addition to the range of personal stuff to remove from drawers and cupboards, it is crucial to use packing supplies to pack all the kitchen items as most items are breakable and of irregular shape. The original packaging may take weeks leading to a delay in moving out.

Tips for speeding up kitchen packing process

With below packing tips and hints, you can fast-track the process and follow a plan enabling your household’s function before making the successful move. Ensure to get moving boxes of every size, right from a small box to medium sized boxes.

1. Begin with correct preparation by packing the kitchen

Here you need to follow two steps

  • Collecting suitable material for the job.
  • Disposing of the items which you do not need to move.

You should always start with the ‘must take’ mindset. Kitchens are notorious for hanging onto unused kitchen items, gadgets, and chipped items. You should look at the back of the drawers and cupboards and collect those items if they are not used for around 12 months. You can also gift unused appliances, pans pots and other pantry items which are in working condition. If there are some damaged crockery and glass jars, they should be recycled or disposed of. Also, if you have some old cleaning material and dish towel lying under the sink, it should be thrown away if you are not using it in the future.

The next stop is your pantry, as it always has some extra items. The additional bonus is to clear the pantry items and collect the canned goods and nonperishables, which can be cocked before you leave. This will help you save your limiting and budget waste.

When this is done, you can begin with the packing. The point here is that one should make use of packing supplies such as packing paper, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, cardboard dividers, markers, box dividers, and rubber bands as these are your only best friend in the kitchen. You can also use specialty dividers for stemware. Do not use newspaper; it can leave ink on your kitchen items.

On the other hand, packing paper is sturdier and thicker and offers multiple functions, i.e., protection and buffering between used and unused items. It is also your crucial weapon against breaks. For packing kitchen and other supplies appropriately, you can use 20 large boxes along with medium boxes and some small boxes.

2. Keep kitchen working before moving day

packing utensils

For various people, packing the entire family-sized kitchen is not practical, so it is recommended to set aside some essential items to pack at the last moment. You can pack this items in a box and label it as essentials box. It should include

  • Cleaning products for washing dishes
  • A mixing bowl and a strainer
  • A medium-sized pot and a regular frying pan
  • Mandatory utensils like a bread knife and wooden spoon
  • A set of bowls/plates, glass, and cutlery for every family member
  • A toaster, knife, and mug for each person
  • Some left-over perishable food items

This may look like a long inventory list, but it will make lots of sense when you start packing the rest of the kitchen. The next step is to place them in a quickly reachable cupboard and ensure these items do not mix with the rest. Make sure to spare a medium-sized box or larger boxes to pack items at the end.

3. Start packing the kitchen

packing kitchen items

Now you are ready with your packing paper to get started. Make sure to label all the moving boxes and seal them with packing tape before putting them in the moving truck. Always start with the most accessible packing materials, such as unique event dishes, vases, and baking supplies like cake stands.

Please do not ignore that kitchen boxes will get very heavy, so you should be careful while handling them from one room to other room. Never overpack the original boxes along with the original packing items and if you are in doubt, always test how heavy the boxes are becoming.

Even though you have hired excellent movers who are experts in shifting all equipment, you should never forget that heavy boxes are more susceptible to damage during the move.

Follow the below guidelines to start wrapping and grouping the items.

  1. Take packing paper, scrunch it, and put it on the bottom so it can act as a cushion to protect the pots and pans from breaking. You can also use dish towels.
  2. While pacing the stack of plates, make sure to place some layers of packing paper in between to avoid any breakage.
  3. Place bundles of plates in the boxes horizontally to reduce the risk of damage. Dishtowels can also reduce the risk of damage or use specialty dividers.
  4. Make sure to place bowls in the same manner to prevent breakage.
  5. Once the base of the one box is filled with these items, use an additional layer that will act as a cushion from the top.
  6. Never place fragile items with glass lids on the bottom of the box, but you can always add them to the second layer of the heavy-duty boxes. However, wrap them individually to avoid breakage.
  7. Allow an extra layer of packing paper to avoid breaking cups with handles.
  8. While packing pans and pots, always pack them in groups of 4 to 6 to keep them uniform. You can also put them on top of the boxes. Also, pack kitchen appliances and put them on the top layer.
  9. In the end, pack the coffee maker, the spice cabinet, and the tea towels in heavy boxes.
  10. Large appliances, small appliances, and flatware items should be given to other rooms, and make sure to label these boxes.


With the help of essential boxes and packing materials, all food items should be packed in food storage containers so that the moving company can successfully move them to the new home. Before selecting the moving company, you should check the company reviews so that packing your kitchen can be done correctly. With the proper nesting method and weeks of leading and planning, the process of packing your kitchen will become very simple. To make the process simpler, pack heavier items separately to avoid damage, and also do not forget to pack dish racks and small kitchen appliances.


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