Moving your fridge is not an easy task. A common thought that prevails is rather than going through various challenges to move your fridge, why not just abandon it and buy a new one?

It is one of the biggest appliances which gives you a hard time.

But won’t moving your functional fridge interstate cost you less than buying a new one to upgrade your house?

With so many moving options available nowadays, one can easily relocate your fridge.

Read this blog to learn how to move the fridge interstate easily.

Hire Professionals or DIY Move

It is completely your choice to hire professional removalists to move the fridge or move it all by yourself.

Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages.

You may think that moving the fridge by yourself will by cheaper than hiring removalists, but let me tell you, it is a big hassle.

Moving your fridge all by yourself has a high degree of risk of damage. Damage during the move may cause the compressor to fail, leaving you with an inoperable refrigerator.

It is always best to hire professional fridge removalists. They have a professional team that is highly trained to move bulky items.

How to Move Fridge Yourself

Gather The Moving Supplies

  • Cleaning supplies (baking soda, water, sponge, paper towels, etc.)
  • Appliance dolly with straps
  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Moving blankets
  • Tape or rope
  • Minimum of two people

 Set Up Your Team

You can’t relocate your fridge all by yourself. You must inform your friends or relatives who can help you move. Let them know in advance so they are available.

Take all the measurements

Measurements plan a vital role in the move. It is mandatory to measure all the doorways and openings along with the fridge to be assured that your fridge will easily pass through it.

Measure the height, width, and depth of your fridge. Once done, plan your route map and measure all the doorways and openings.

If your doorways are smaller than your fridge measurements, you must figure out another way to move the fridge.

Three common ways are tilting the fridge, removing the refrigerator doors, or taking it out through the balcony.

Prepare Your Fridge For a Move

Switch off your fridge a night before relocation

You must be thinking, why is it so important to switch off your fridge a day before? It would be best to allow sufficient time for the evaporator to defrost. If you don’t do so, you are risking to damage the evaporator.

Switching it off a night before the move disrupts the movement of oils and fluid through the compressor.

Dont forget to detach the water hose if your fridge has an automatic ice maker. You must remove all ice to prevent leakage or any damage.

Empty and Clean

As soon as you switch off your fridge, you must clean it. Remove all the food and empty the fridge. Consider giving away the existing food.

If you keep stuff in the fridge even when it is off, be ready to experience a foul smell.

Remove all glass accessories and shelves from the fridge. Clean them with soap and water. Do not use scented soap.

You can use baking soda for the fridge itself.

Mix one portion of baking soda with two portions of water. Once it forms a paste, put it around the fridge and remove it with a damp cloth. It will help you remove tough stains from the fridge.

Once all this is done, use a dry cloth to clean and dry the surface.

Pack accessories and removable parts

To prevent any damage, ensure to pack all the glass shelves separately. Once you have cleaned and dried all the shelves, pack each glass shelf separately in a glass wrap.

Don’t forget to pack all the loose cords and removable parts in a well-boxed manner. Label the boxes to make it easy for you to unpack in your new house.

Begin Moving with Appliance Dolly

Once you’ve finished preparing your refrigerator for the move, it’s time to begin operations. It is common for refrigerators to be firmly pressed against walls and other appliances in the kitchen.

It is possible to scratch the floor underneath when moving the fridge out of a narrow space. This is where you will need an appliance dolly.

The first step is to gently tilt your fridge and place the dolly underneath. Once you have placed the fridge, secure the fridge and doors with moving straps and automatic tighteners.

Ensure you have balanced the fridge on the trolly.

Extra care is highly important. Wrap your fridge with an extra layer of moving blankets.

Once you have checked the balance, tilt the dolly at an angle of 45 degrees with the strapped fridge. Remember to keep the fridge upright. Furthermore, laying the refrigerator completely flat on its side can cause an irreversible leak in the cooling system.

Start wheeling the dolly. Remove any obstacles from your path in advance. If you have kids or elders at home, ensure they are not around while carrying the fridge.

You must take extra measures if you are moving the fridge down the stairs. One persona should move the dolly while the other should be on the other side to guide the dolly down the steps.

Rather than pushing your fridge down the stairs, pull the dolly back toward you as you descend. While doing so, tilt the fridge 45 degrees. The weight of the fridge will not fall too far forward if you maintain complete control of the dolly.

Secure the refrigerator for the move

Use a plank to move your fridge inside the pickup truck.

Don’t lay the fridge on its side for the long journey. It can damage it. Instead, additional straps, bungee cords, or rope should be used to secure the refrigerator to the truck along the top and sides of the fridge.

How long should a refrigerator sit after being moved?

Wait a couple of hours after moving your fridge to its new location before plugging it back in. Remember that your fridge is full of fluids that have been shaken on the way over. Allowing your fridge to sit for a few minutes before plugging it back in allows everything to settle into its proper compartments.

Once you reach the new location, don’t switch on the fridge instantly. Instead, please wait for a few hours before switching it on. During the move, various fluids were shaken around. Give them time to settle back.

Read the manual to know the recommended time before keeping your food in the fridge. If, for any reason, you had to lay the fridge on its side during the move, keep it upright for twice as long as it was on its side before plugging it back in.
Wank to sit back and work over other things? Hire professional removalists for your fridge relocation. You will avoid the hassles and stress involved. The removalist team is highly trained and comes with all the moving supplies. You don’t have to rush here and there. This saves your time so you can focus on other important things.


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