Undertaking a removal as a homeowner is far from easy. They experience the burden of packing their belongings, but at the same time, they are taxed with searching for a good removal company. This process of obtaining professional help while moving requires one to consider several aspects like a moving contract, insurance, and in some cases, even additional expenses. 

For these reasons, it only seems fitting to delve into the conditions or features that one should keep in mind before hiring professional removalists in Australia.

The search for the best Australian removalists 

To ensure that one’s goods reach safely from one place to another, it is important to adhere to the following steps: 

  • Detailed research

The first step that any person should take is to conduct research. This research should be extensive and align with one’s needs during the removal. That is an individual looking to move to not restrict their choices to certain categories like “removalists near me” or to the companies offering lower prices. 

To get a comprehensive idea of the capabilities of certain removalists in Australia, one can consider checking out reviews posted on third-party websites. These websites will post positive and negative reviews, making it easier to narrow down the options one has to choose from. In addition to this, one can opt for a more traditional route and get recommendations from family and friends. 

  • Several estimates

Once an individual can formulate a better idea of what options they have, it is time to consider the estimates of these options. Most removalists provide potential clients with an estimate depending on how many belongings they are planning on moving. Australian removalists may ask for details like the distance between the two locations and the number of members a client will require to make a move. Depending on these factors, the estimates can vary from company to company. 


  • Disclose details

After receiving an estimate, one is entitled to receiving all the details they desire about the move. Therefore, question everything from the prices to the qualifications. One can also ask questions regarding the methods and equipment used in the removal to ensure that they have the necessary resources for a safe move. 

  • Add-on benefits

Removalists in Australia may also offer clients additional services like packing, assembly of certain furniture, and in some cases, special care for antique goods. Although this may increase the cost of the move, it will greatly reduce the effort one needs to put in. 

  • AFRA Accreditation

The accreditation that a removalist company has is especially important. In Australia, removalists receive the AFRA or Australian Furniture Removal Association Accreditation to ensure that they can carry out a safe move. This regulatory body only accredits the companies that have all the right resources and training. 

  • Contract types

One has to pay special attention to the type of contract that the company is offering them. These moving contracts need to mention all the details of the services and price of said services in writing. 

In some cases, the removalists in Australia may offer a client a choice between a non-binding or a binding contract. A non-binding contract is a more flexible contract in that it allows clients to add on services even after signing it. However, it may result in unexpected expenses. 

  • Procure insurance

Alongside the certification that a company receives, the insurance options that they provide to their clients are equally important. The insurance that removalists provide their clients will help to not only protect their belongings in the move. In addition to this, it also acts as a guarantee to let clients know the quality of service they will be receiving. 

  • Storage options

This is an especially crucial aspect for individuals moving overseas or from one state to another. A move that involves such long distances may require one to store their goods for a temporary period. For this reason, it will prove beneficial to opt for a removal company that also offers storage options. 

  • Awareness

The removalists should also be fully aware of all the furniture and other belongings that they are moving from one location to the other. If the company makes an effort to keep track of every belonging, both big and small, they are reliable. 

  • Absence of deposits

A good removal company never asks for excessively large deposits before the actual move. Therefore, it will be advisable to stay away from companies that ask for such deposits. This is because once the deposit is paid, one loses all control over their belongings and will be at the mercy of the company during the move. 

With these tips, one will be able to find the removalists that best suit their needs in what will be a trying time, be it long or short. Looking for professional removalists? Contact Book a Mover and move stress-free.

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