Shifting to a new house?

Thinking how to transfer your valuable furniture while damaging them?

We will help you!

We know that moving heavyweight furniture is not easy and it requires professional support and the right tools to help you through the process.

Here we have jotted down a few of the most important tips that you should wrap your mind around that will help you to protect your furniture while moving.

Top tips to protect your furniture while moving

Whether you are moving the furniture by yourself or hiring professional movers, these tips are a must-follow to protect your furniture during transit.

Study the valuation coverage policy and Insurance options

Accidents happen! So it’s best to be prepared! Even if you’re hiring the best movers, there is no guarantee to the fact that accidents can never happen. What’s the best way to prepare for this uncertainty? The best way is to explore all valuation coverage and insurance options offered by the furniture moving company.

Remember valuation is different from the insurable options, and it covers the cost that the movers are willing to bear in case there is any damage or loss of items during the move.

Flatten what you can!

Though disassembling everything while moving is not possible, try to disassemble as much as you can. For example, remove the legs from couches and tables take the bed frames apart, and important things like this.

If you find it hard, you can use the instruction guide on how to deconstruct the items and then wrap the parts in plastic coverings and place them accordingly in labelled boxes. This will make your move easier and will also protect your furniture on the move.

Here are a few points to remember while dismantling your furniture.

  • Always use a manual, if available, to disassemble furniture.
  • Use sealable plastic bags to hold screws and minute arts of the furniture that might get lost during the process of moving.
  • In case the furniture has lots of parts, use masking tape and a marker to make a note where each piece goes. This will help you every time.
  • In case you are using a drill to disassemble the parts, be careful to lower the torque settings. It is also important to use the right drill size.

Place screws, bolts, and nuts inside labelled plastic zip locks

This tip is really important. Anytime you take out the screws, bolts, or nuts from the furniture while moving, make sure to place them inside labelled baggies. This will help you a lot during assembling the parts and you don’t have to search everywhere looking for them. This will also make the assembling process easy and fast.

Cloak furniture in stretch wrap, towels, and blankets

If you’re making the move by yourself, don’t just throw furniture into the truck. It will ruin your furniture and also damage it. Therefore, the best way to protect your furniture is to wrap them in clingy, tear-resistant material protects the furniture and other items in the transit.

Bubble wrap and plastic sheetings are the best tools to wrap your furniture. You can also use blankets to protect them. In case, you don’t have blankets, you can also use flattened cardboard, large sheets, and towels to protect the items.

Don’t move heavy furniture by yourself

Never! This can not only damage the furniture but can also harm you. Whenever you are moving heavy furniture by yourself, take help from friends or family to help them move. If you find it hard to get free help hire furniture removalists Brisbane to help you through the process.

Utilize special moving equipment

You can easily move small and lightweight furniture like tables and small chairs. But when moving heavy items like beds, pianos, pool tables, etc, always use special equipment like a dolly or hand truck to help load them in the truck the right way.

In case you are wondering where to get a dolly hand truck, you can easily rent it at the Home Depot near your house and it can easily hold a weight of 800 pounds.

Rent a moving truck with tie-downs and a ramp

Whenever you are renting a moving truck for moving your furniture, rent trucks that have tie-downs and a ramp. There should be a tie-down rack inside the truck to help hold the furniture while moving. This will also help keep the furniture in place and stop them from slipping while the truck is moving. It ensures safety and security.

Use furniture gliders, towels, or cardboard to protect the floor.

If you have hardwood flooring, don’t take the risk of dragging the furniture through the house. It will damage the flooring of the house. Use gliders, cardboard, towels, or felt pads underneath the legs of the furniture to avoid scratching on the floor. This tip is important when you are moving heavy furniture across you the floor.

Clear the doorways

To ensure that the furniture gets into the truck without any damage, you need to make sure that the doorway and the entrance are clean. You can measure the doorways to get a better idea and you don’t have to wrestle through the process.

Clean furniture once it is unpacked and reassembled

The last tip is to clean the furniture once you reach the desired location. Why? Because when you’re travelling the furniture easily catches dirt and dust. Therefore, when you reach your new home, make sure to clean it thoroughly unless you want the dust and dirt inside your home.

On the move soon?

We know how stressful it can be to protect furniture while moving. Though you can do it by yourself, the best solution is to hire professional movers like furniture movers Brisbane to make this experience a little more stress-free on your part. Starting from packing to delivering your furniture to the desired location, they take care of it all!

What are you waiting for? Book them now and let them take care of your furniture during the move.

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