Early Congratulations to you for your moving day!! And, a well-deserved pat on your back as you’ve finely dealt with all those real-estate check-ins.

Now, it’s time to make some wise decisions. Don’t worry!

We’ve structured an ultimate moving house checklist in Brisbane for you to make your house move a happy memory!!

To ease the entire process, we’ve created this printable moving house checklist where you’ll find two months easy-peasy roadmap to settle into your new home.


Get Your Roadmap to shift into your new home [Download it from here!] 


Two months (8 Weeks) before the moving day 

Your first reaction reading this? Planning for the house move two months before is fine, but actually doing it like real is quite early!!


1. Documents to Appointments


Documents to Appointments

The most crucial part of having a moving house checklist PDF is that it takes care of even small deets. From organizing all your important documents to back up them well in advance to schedule all your appointments in the calendar. This is to check that you won’t miss any single of thing later on! 


2. Furniture Measurements to Smart Packaging


Furniture Measurements to Smart Packaging

You’re shifting from one home size to another, which means measurements are crucial. How about measuring all your furniture well-in advance so as to avoid any last-minute adjustments? Another aspect is to pack all your important documents, keys, health essentials, etc. In one single box. Works best for emergency cases! 


 3. Mapping out your move to finding a reliable Moving Company 


Mapping out your move to finding a reliable Moving Company 

It’s good for you to start thinking about which goods will go where and get a clear map planned. Keep searching for expert movers & packers on Internet; go through Customer Reviews, get quotes from moving companies, match your budget, and book the perfect fit.  

Hire a friendly team of movers in Brisbane who knows in and out, hold expertise in their work, and are well-known for their Brand. Plus, fits perfectly in your budget!  


One & Half Month (6 Weeks) before the Moving Day

Last two weeks, you were busy with organizing, measuring, and researching. 

Now, it’s time to declutter, plan, and gain clarity towards your ultimate goal of moving to your new home hassle-free!


1. Decluttering for a fresh start! 


Decluttering for a fresh start!

  • Figure out unwanted items Either sell them or donate to the needy ones.  
  • Identify fragile items – Take out stuff that need careful packaging and pack them attentively. 
  • Deep clean every space – After going through all your stuff, do a quick room-by-room cleaning.  
  • Pack all items wiselyWith rightful planning and timely actions, start packing all the items in their right labelled boxes.

 2. Plan beforehand for a Stress-free Move!


Plan beforehand for a Stress-free Move!

  • Office Leaves – Lookout for three-day weekends off and get your leaves approved by coordinating with team members and boss.  
  • Collect packaging boxes – Reach out to your local grocery and furniture stores and collect as many free boxes as you can.
  • Label them Right – Once collected, label all the boxes such as, Kitchen: Crockery or Home Office: Documents, etc.  
  • Visual Evidences (If necessary) – Save yourself from unnecessary memory dilemmas by taking pictures of all boxes. This will help you at the time of unboxing as well as for unfortunate happenings.  
  • Keep searching for Moving Company – Reach out to Moving Companies and discuss about their current offers. It will save a lot of your money if a good discount strikes.  

  3.  Make timely decisions and gain clarity!


Make timely decisions and gain clarity!

  • Lookout for Small Repairs – Fix all the broken things before stepping into your new home. It’ll help you sustain your celebratory mood later on! 
  • Consider practical stuff & decide – Do you want to opt for moving coverage in case any damage happens? What about your D-day travel route and other arrangements? 
  • Pump up your own Car – Don’t miss checking insurance papers, mileage covers, etc. Of your own car. 
  • What about your Moving Company Partner?? – Last time call!! Get it done already, please? You had your 2 weeks’ time figuring that out, now you need to finalise it all.


One Month (4 Weeks) before the Moving Day 


Half Month (2 Weeks) before the Moving Day 

Woaah! Just 4 more weeks and then you’ll be lying on a couch of your new home.  

How amazing, right? But, let’s not get lazy before it happens.  

Keep track of all your ‘Essential Goals’ as listed in your free house move checklist:

1) Entertainment essentials – What about accessing Internet, watching TV, and feeling secure at your new home? Timely contact the providers and get it done! 

2) New House party essentials – Oh! Don’t say now you are not desiring to do a grand entry in your new space, and post picture on socials? Shop early if you want to!

3) Health & Insurance essentials – It’s been two days at your new home and you’re running out of your meds? You definitely don’t want this. Plan ahead and take appointments from nearby doctors.  

4) Packing Stuff essentials – You’ve arranged some packing boxes in the 6 Weeks phase already. But, now it’s time to arrange for big boxes and other packaging supplies.


Half Month (2 Weeks) before the Moving Day 


Half Month (2 Weeks) before the Moving Day 

It’s time to get done with your D-day aka Moving day logistics and update some other important information in your documents. 

1) Address Change – You’re moving to a new place so are your documents. Get in contact with different authorities to change address timely.  

2) Subscription Cancellations – If you’ve any gym or well-being classes subscriptions ahead, then it’s better to take care of it early and save your money and time.  

3) Circulate New Address – As crucial it is to change address, letting your family and friends known about your new one is equally important. 

4) Household Support – Make arrangements in advance for your kids and pets by booking a baby/pet sitter.  

5) Final Packaging – You got it all handled; inventory, labeling, clicking pictures, and whatnot. Now it’s time to do the final packing of all the stuff as if you’re leaving them to movers & packers. 


1 Week before the Moving Day 

Just 7 more days and all the hardships and hard work will come to fruition. Last goals to check-off from your ultimate moving house checklist in Brisbane. Here you go!! 


1) Final Planning & Check-ins 


Final Planning & Check-ins

  • What about your final meals? And, your last-minute emergency items?  
  • Are you done with updating documents?  
  • How many headcounts already for your moving in house party? 
2) Final Logistics and Decluttering  



  • Have you started dissembling your big furniture items? 
  • Have you packed all the suitcases and noted down their codes? 
  • What about keys and important confidential stuff? 
  • Do you need any helping hand to clean your emptied house? 
  • Where are you keeping your emergency cash and D-Day Moving Kit? 
  • Last but not the least. Are you done with cleaning your new house before moving in? 


Finally! It’s D-Day (The Moving Day)


Finally! It’s D-Day (The Moving Day)

Yes, congratulations to you for keeping sane throughout the time.  

If you’ve been following your printable moving house checklist precisely, then you’re going to move in effortlessly too! 

Some quick reminders for you on your Moving Day!!

  • Wake up on time, stop hitting your snooze button! 
  • Cross-check all the Paperworks and clear out the path for smooth truck loading. 
  • Facilitate loading process and tip your movers after signing all the documents. 
  • Do a final walk-through to ensure nothing is leaving behind except sweet memories. 
  • Check-in with your family and enjoy the new beginnings!

Got anything else in mind? Need more guidance for a seamless shifting to your new house?  

Then, we are just a live chat away!  

Drop in your queries and we’ll make sure you get instant response. 

We genuinely hope our Ultimate Moving House Checklist Brisbane helped you stay on track during the entire moving process.  

Tell us in comments if you got any experiences to share!





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