Moving is an event that always causes some anxiety since many things need to be planned out, such as deciding a suitable date, selecting a reliable mover, getting necessary permits, packing appropriately, etc.

If under normal circumstances a move can cause so much stress, you surely know the tension how stressful it can be to move during the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Under the world pandemic, it would also be advisable to postpone your move till things improve as you are making yourself vulnerable to the virus.

However, postponing or cancelling your move may not be an option available for you owing to the sale of your old house or expiry of your current lease.

So, the best thing you can do is to take some precautionary measures that will make your move as safe as possible. Please hire professional Brisbane removalists who will ensure all the safety measures and ensure a smooth movement.

They may also provide some house moving tips that will come in handy during your move.

House Moving Tips during the Pandemic Outbreak

To relieve your anxiety, here are some handy house moving tips to help you move safely during the COVID-19 outbreak:

1. Sanitize Your New Home Thoroughly

Even under normal circumstances, people clean their homes before they move. Under the prevailing conditions, it becomes essential to clean even more carefully as you do not know whether the coronavirus infected the people residing there previously.

This way, you can ensure that you are moving into a sanitized home with your family members. It is also advisable not to hire professional cleaners to do the job, but do it yourself.

All the items that you transport to your new place needs to be sanitized. You will need lots of old clothes, newspapers, cleaning liquids, and other cleaning accessories during and after the move for cleaning purposes.

2. Ensure Your Mover is Ready to Take Safety Precautions

Opt for efficient and professional removalists who are well aware of the safety guidelines to be followed in this situation.

So, along with other essential information like moving charges, insurance, etc. obtain details about the safety measures to be adopted by the mover. Never compromise on this matter, and don’t hire any mover who offers cheaper rates but may not take adequate safety measures.

Make sure that the vehicles to be used for transporting your goods are thoroughly sanitized. Also, ensure that the workers will wear gloves while handling your belongings.

It would also be wise to enquire with the mover if all his staff are fit and are not displaying any symptoms of the viral infections. All this will assure the people conducting your move. This can also minimize the risk of contaminating your goods or your new home.

3. Separate Those Items You Don’t Require

There may be lots of things like old furniture or damaged appliances, which you don’t need at your new location. But, in these times, it would be very tough to find a charity that accepts such items since most of them are not working full hours.

So, the only alternative would be to pack those things separately and keep it in an unused corner of your new home. Later, when the situation improves, you can find ways of disposing or donating the items.

4. Check Your Internet Connection

Since all transactions will be made digitally, make sure that your internet connection is working correctly, and you have scheduled for a new link at a new place.

Ensure that you have paid all outstanding bills so that you receive non-stop connectivity during the move.

5. Sanitize All Your Goods After The Move

In these times of COVID-19, one cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to hygiene. The coronavirus has been known to remain on surfaces for many days, and you cannot underestimate the risk of contamination.

Since the virus spreads even from asymptomatic persons, you need to take necessary precautions. To protect your family and yourself, you need to cleanse the surface of each of your belongings thoroughly. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after the cleaning is done.

6. Do Most of The Packing Yourself

To minimize the risk of getting infected, it would be a good idea to do most of the packing yourself. That way, you can ensure that at least those items you pack are at lesser risk of contamination, and you are only going to protect yourself and your family by doing so.

This will also provide the benefit of reducing the total cost of moving your belongings. Don’t be carried away by laziness, but keep yourself safe and sane.

7. Make All Transactions Digitally

It would be good to ensure that all transactions are digital and paperless. You can send and receive all documents and bills in the form of image files.

This would further reduce the risk of infections as it has been confirmed that the virus can spread through currencies and papers. If you are hiring professional removalists, they will ensure that all discussions related to your move will be made digitally using phone calls or video conferencing.

It would also be advisable to send images of your room to the movers in advance and suggest where you want your items placed. This will help to remove any confusion on a moving day.

8. Maintain Proper Distancing

During the process of moving, avoid proximity with the movers and maintain the minimum social distance as laid by WHO. You can also stay in another room (or at least ensure your kids and elder parents are away), while the movers are placing your items in their proper places.

Wearing an excellent protective mask (preferably N95) is necessary since you don’t want to risk contamination. You may never know when someone sneezes or coughs close to your face.

Remember also to wash your hands whenever there is an exchange of items like cash, documents, or bills with a handwash for at least 20 seconds. Also, remember to sanitize whatever items you have collected by hand.


COVID-19 has changed how moves will be conducted, at least till the number of cases comes down, and things become routine. It would always be sensible to hire reputed and experienced Brisbane removalists for your move since they will take all necessary precautions.

Such movers will use protective gear and will have provided their staff with adequate training. By taking all these preventive steps, you will ensure a safe and stress-free move.

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