Moving is quite cumbersome, but some aspects of it are even harder in comparison to others. One such tedious task you will have on your to-do list for moving is to move the kitchen and pack glasses for moving. Glasses are rigid and thus cannot deform or bend. This is the reason, they are not susceptible to sustain a heavy amount of pressure without breaking. The orderly crystalline structure is not present. If a glass is dropped on a solid surface, it will break into pieces, however, if an adequate amount of moderate pressure is applied  slowly, the glass will remain undamaged. Also, the toughened glass is more breakage resistant in comparison to the glasses made using standard materials.

If you have trouble packing your glasses for moving as well, the bookamover has compiled this guide to help you with the necessary items to ensure your glasses arrive safely at your new home.

Before packing glasses

Much before you consider how to pack glasses for moving, it is important to assess your collection and sort out the pieces you don’t wish to use further, thus won’t be taking to your new home. Such pieces can be donated, discarded or recycled. The pitted or chipped glassware should also be discarded. The cell pack inserts used in dish boxes can be assembled for wrapping the drinkware. Else the base of the box to be used should be covered with clean towels or crumpled packing paper. It is always in the best interest to group the drinkware on the basis of shapes and sizes. This will ease the packing process.

Materials for packing glassware

To speed up the task of packing the drinkware, it is best to get all the moving supplies beforehand. Here is your checklist of materials required:

  • Dish box

The most important packing material is the dish box which is a type of moving box tailor-made for carrying fragile items. This box comes with double layered cardboard on the walls as well as the base. Though this box is slightly expensive, it prevents fragile items from being broken during the relocation.

  • Cell packs

Cell packs

Another useful accessory is cell packs which can fit inside the dish box and can be used for packing the drinkware and stemware.

  • Other packaging supplies

Medium-sized boxes, bubble wraps, markers, tape, labels and packing paper are some of the things you will be needing to complete the packing of glassware. In case packing paper is short in supply, you can consider using newspapers; however, the ink of the newspaper smudges fast and can easily get transferred onto the glassware packed in it.

Tips for packing your glassware for moving


Tips for packing your glassware for moving

Among the kitchen items, the glasses are one of the delicate items that require a special method for packing. Read on the tips to know more:

  • Box preparation

Crumple up several sheets of packing paper or newspaper to cover the bottom of the dish box you have brought for the purpose. Paper is crumpled to ensure enough cushion is present for protecting the glasses from being hit in the bottom in case the box is accidentally dropped. In case you are making use of towels, make sure enough layer is given at the bottom to protect the glasses from bumps that the box may experience.

  • Wrapping up heavy glasses

It is best to wrap the biggest and heaviest glassware first so that they can be placed at the bottom of the box with lighter ones occupying space at the top. For wrapping, take one glass or mug and place it on one of the corners of the packing paper at an angle and start rolling. And stuff the end of the paper into the opening of the glass once the paper is rolled. The glass should be completely wrapped.

  • Wrapping up the identical glasses

To save the cost of packing material, consider taking a large sheet of packing paper which can be used to simultaneously wrap two identical glasses which are the same in size. This is done by adding the second glass just next to when the first glass is fully wrapped and secured. In this case, the stuffing of packing paper ends in the opening of the second glass.

  • Boxing up the first layer

Boxing up the first layer

Once the drinkware is wrapped, fold the ends present at the bottom of the glass to create a right package like image. At this point, you should not be in a position to feel the edges of the glasses. If the edges can be felt, it is best to wrap another layer of the packing paper depending upon the shape and design of the glassware.

  • Box filling

The glasses should be wrapped in a single or multiple layers and then placed on one another in the box. The larger and heavier glasses should be placed at the bottom with lighter ones occupying space at the top.

  • Adding cushion at the top

The box should not be stuffed to the full and some room should be left at the top of it for inserting some packing materials in the form of crumpled packing paper or newspaper or a thick layer of towel.

  • Seal the box

The box should be gently shaken before closing to check for any glass clicking or shifting. Once done, seal the box with packing tape and mark labels using a marker as the task to pack glasses for moving is complete.


Wrapping up

The above-mentioned guide and tips can provide a number of helpful hints that can make the packing process for glasses as painless as possible. Want to securely pack and move your glass items to your new house? Contact our house removalists today to get guidance.

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