Many congratulations for moving into your own new apartment! Moving out on your own to your first apartment is one of the enticing moments that gives a proof of growing up. However, the moments that follow will bring a lot of surprises for you. For instance, after having your cuppa of coffee on your best coffee table, you will realise you lack the cleaning supplies to clean up the mess done. Some of the bare necessities are apartment essentials and are so trivial that are often taken for granted. You will not now how badly you need them in your new apartment until they are not there when you look for them.

Why do you need an ultimate first apartment checklist

Outfitting the first apartment is a time taking process that requires exclusive and extensive planning. After moving out from parents house, there are thousands of decisions to make and other apartment essentials to buy. Right from picking the right first apartment to updating the bedroom essentials and furniture, moving into the new apartment becomes overwhelming.

This is the reason having a first apartment checklist with all the essentials needed to get comfortable in the first apartment becomes the need of the hour. However, you need get each and everything off the bat from the first apartment checklist, but it is a good thought to ensure the bare minimum from the complete list are there to have a good night sleep. If you search on internet, you can even find a lot of apartment checklist pdf which can be printed to help during moving.

A look at our first apartment checklist

Being a new renter, you need to start everything from scratch. Thankfully, there are plenty of shops and garage sales that offer discounts and great deals to buy the stuff from if you wish to save money and stay within the budget. Also, you can ask family and friends if they have any extra or unused furniture, decor pieces or artworks which you might need for your first apartment. Let’s read through our ultimate first apartment checklist:

For move in day

You can plan a lot of things during the first night in your new den. You can nap in a sleeping bag and order food. You will realise that what’s not there in your new apartment are the things you can’t live without and these things aren’t the hefty ones, rather very small. Before settling, take out a few minutes to curate the list of all the things in order to buy them so that you don’t forget them later.

Bedroom essentials

living room

The apartment bedroom is carved with the goal in mind to create a comfortable space which as functional and provides storage space. It is better to get the good quality bed frame and mattress for the maximum comfort. To start with buy a pair of bedsheets and throw blankets and throw pillows. A bedside table is needed to keep certain essentials while you are in the bedroom. Make sure not to make any compromise on getting a comfortable bed and bed frame. An area rug can be kept near side tables to enhance the style of bedroom.

Kitchen gadgets and essentials

kitchen appliances

Apart from the cooking utensils, water glasses, and pots and pans, the kitchen appliances are an expensive aspect of the first apartment checklist, but you certainly need these items such as an toaster oven and oven mitts and a refrigerator for your new apartment in the new city. Even if the kitchen has a small countertop space, it is a good idea to place few appliances that falls in the first apartment checklist that helps in cooking and preparing meals easily. Things like a dish drying rack, small coffee maker, food storage containers, and microwave falls under essentials. Also, get paring knife, hot pan, one chef’s knife, trash bags and trash can, as these are apartment essentials. Don’t forget to get a good dish soap for washing dishes.

Cleaning supplies

kitchen cleaning accessories

Your first apartment checklist is incomplete without the cleaning supplies needed to keep your apartment neat and tidy. You need not grab the expensive vacuum at the moment, but simple things such as garbage bags, broom and dustpan, soft rags, sponges, paper towels, wipes, mopping bucket, mop, toilet bowl cleaner, hand soap, white vinegar and baking soda, wood cleaner for window treatments and laundry detergents.

Bathroom cleaning supplies and essentials

bathroom cleaning

You probably start as well as end your day in this area of the apartment, hence leaving it in abeyance as an afterthought seems to be a bad idea. The apartment checklist calls for ensuring all your personal toiletries are in place. Other bathroom essentials include, shower curtain, bath mat, soap holder, toilet paper and trash can.

Living room essentials

living room

Living room is one tricky room of your first apartment that you can use the way you wish to. Regardless of whether you wish to use it to watch tv or Netflix, or snuggle up with a good read or entertain guests, it is important to strike a balance between seating and open space. It is a good idea to get a coffee table, a dining room table, few table and chairs and use some decorative pillows and window coverings to level up the look of the living room. You can visit thrift stores to get these items.


With our first apartment checklist everything will fall in place and you can easily fit into your apartment with a comfortable living. Make sure to establish a budget and make purchases within the budget.

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