Relocating can be a difficult task, but finding reliable removalists in Brisbane can significantly ease the stress of the entire process. From making sure all your belongings are packed to coordinating the move with your movers. When it comes to moving furniture and other bulky items, you have a choice: either you keep them, or you decide to donate them. You might think this is a simple decision but you have to consider several factors first before deciding.

If you’re moving long-distance, it’s not always practical or cost-effective to bring your furniture along. And if your home is full of furniture that you’re not using, why not donate it to someone in need before your move?

There are quite a few places in Brisbane where you can donate furniture.

Whether it is a single chair that you don’t need anymore, or if it is an entire set of furniture in the lounge room, dining room and bedroom, we’ve got you covered with 7 best places to donate furniture in Brisbane.

7 Places in Brisbane Where They Accept Furniture for Donations

There may be times when you’re bored with your furniture. Or when an elderly person is moving and doesn’t need a lot of their furniture. During such situations, you can easily donate the furniture that is in suitable condition to the local charities and here are a few to begin with.



St Vincent de Paul Society, also known as the Vinnies is an excellent option for those who wish to provide furniture to those in need. With different locations to accept furniture in Brisbane, Vinnies accepts all types of pre-loved items including furniture and household items in good condition.
St Vincent de Paul Society prefers that you do not drop off any damaged household goods as they cannot sell them and so it is too costly to dispose of these types of items.

Vinnies also offer free pick up of more oversized items upon request.

You can donate unwanted furniture like beds, old couch, dining table, chairs and other larger items — and give a second life to your household things. Vinnies also accept electrical appliances and upholstered items. Furniture which is broken or damaged will not be accepted due to high costs of repair/refurbishment to meet minimum health standards.

To find out more about donating furniture items at Vinnies, please click here.


2. Salvation Army Family Stores

Salvation Army Family Stores

The Salvation Army Family Stores are a great option if you’re looking to donate furniture in Brisbane.

While all the stores accept clothing, electrical and household goods as a donation, only a few selected Salvos stores accept furniture. So make sure to reach out to a few Salvos stores in your area enquiring specifically about donating furniture before you take them over or schedule a pickup service. You can either drop off your furniture at one of their donation point or call a Salvos store and arrange for them to pick up your items from you.

You will get a tax-deductible receipt if you request one when donating goods to Vinnies shops and it also helps the needy families — so it’s two birds with one stone.

3. Local Lifeline Warehouse

Local Lifeline Warehouse

If you’re looking for an alternative option to donating to the Salvos, you can also donate to Lifeline. This is a particularly good option if you have any clothing or toys you want to donate.

Lifeline shops sells second-hand donated goods to raise funds for their services. They accept good quality furniture and will also pick up if required. The organisation also offers a basic collection service for larger items collected during business hours and accepts various forms of donations. You can also go to the local lifeline warehouse for furniture donation.



GIVIT is an online charity that connects those in need with those who have something to give. They support Australians who are vulnerable and have several worthy causes to donate to. GIVIT works on a variety of charities on their site and also accepts furniture donations from people moving house in Brisbane.

They provide free delivery and pickup service of new and second-hand household goods to charities across the country, including many in Brisbane. They specifically help those affected by flooding by providing free items to start their lives.

Items they accept include beds, bedding, tables and chairs; anything in good condition that is clean and safe to useable condition — sometimes including electrical appliances.

You can easily log the items you wish to donate here using the online donation form.

5. The Smith Family

The Smith Family

The Smith Family supports disadvantaged Australian children by providing them with opportunities for education and employment through community programs, learning support and mentoring initiatives. They accept donations of quality used clothing, accessories, homewares and furniture items from businesses and private citizens.

All types of furniture must be in useable condition and clean. You can donate beds, couches, dining tables and chairs and other similar furniture and give a new life to your old furniture. You can directly contact them to know more about how you can donate your furniture before moving.

6. The Animal Welfare League Op Shop

The Animal Welfare League Op Shop

The Animal Welfare League Op Shop (AWLQ OP shop) is a place where all the profit is used by them for rescuing, caring as well as re-homing abandoned and neglected animals. All proceeds raised go directly back into helping animals. They accept all types of furniture which are in good condition, including clothing, electrical and homeware items. You can also drop your donations at their head office or any of their branches that are present in Queensland.

7. Rizeup Australia

Rizeup Australia

Rizeup Australia helps to give domestic violence victims a new start by donating all the goods possible including household goods and furniture, then they distribute it among those who need it most. It provides emergency accommodation, counselling, food assistance and other vital services.

Rizeup accepts all household items that are in good working condition, including cookware, crockery and cutlery. All donated items go towards helping domestic violence survivors set up their new homes after finding safety and security from abusive situations.

They collect large items including most furniture items that don’t need any external installation and give them to victims and families affected by domestic violence in Australia. They accept donations of all forms of furniture including those used in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and other homeware items.

Wrapping Up

Moving is a hard job and when you have some unwanted or old furniture to discard, it can take up a lot of time. But instead of looking for places to drive your furniture to, you can pick any of these places where they offer free pick up of your furniture.

You can do a good deed and save a whole lot of stress during your move.


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