Are you finding it tough to cater Brisbane living costs? To assess the affordability of a Brisbane lifestyle, we have looked at the essentials like rent, transportation and groceries. 

Brisbane currently has the highest rate of population growth. A significant departure from the south to Queensland has led to a property boom. This is partly due to people wanting a more relaxed way of life than in other major east coast cities. Meanjin/Brisbane is home to a rich and varied culture and a great abundance of sun, sand, and sea. 

Brisbane’s affordability is why you might feel the pull to Queensland’s “great south-east”. It is also a pleasant surprise to see the cost of living compared to other cities with dense populations. If you stick to a budget, the monthly cost of living in Brisbane is $2,000 per person. 

We provide an itemized cost of living analysis for Brisbane. This allows you to mix and match the costs per week according to your living index and estimate how much you will need to relocate to Moreton Bay. 

Living Expense 

Avg. cost or
Avg. cost
per month
Rent for 1-bedroom inner-city Brisbane apartment  $1,820.00 
Rent for 3-bedroom inner-city Brisbane apartment  $3,017.78 
Rent for 1-bedroom suburban/regional Brisbane apartment  $1,300.00 
Rent for 3-bedroom suburban/regional Brisbane apartment  $2,017.89 
Electricity/heating/water/garbage (85 m2 apartment)  $170.12
Internet (60Mbps or more, unlimited data, Cable/ADSL)  $80.38 
Mobile phone data (one-minute local prepaid mobile tariff call with no plan or discount)  $0.55 
Transport One-Way Ticket (average across all transport options)  $4.60 
Transport Monthly Ticket (average across all transport options)  $198.00 
Fuel (per litre)  $1.63 
Buying a new car (equivalent of a Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90KW Trendline)  $29,999.00 
Basic groceries per person  $608.00 


Average salary in Brisbane 

While Brisbane’s average monthly net salary (after taxes) is $5,253.04 less than Sydney and Melbourne, the cost of essentials is slightly lower. 

Rent and housing in Brisbane 

The biggest expense that you will have to cater is home. It is the most significant part of your budget, regardless of your location. The average monthly price will depend on where you live, but the averages below should give you an idea. 

Type of accommodation
Avg. cost/month 
Rent for 1-bedroom inner-city Brisbane apartment  $1,820.00 
Rent for 3-bedroom inner-city Brisbane apartment  $3,017.78 
Rent for 1-bedroom suburban/regional Brisbane apartment  $1,300.00 
Rent for 3-bedroom suburban/regional Brisbane apartment  $2,017.89 


Cost of buying an apartment 

Location  Median Cost 
Brisbane CBD  $7,957.14 
Suburban/Regional  $5,125.00 

Mortgage Rates 3.25% 

Brisbane CBD offers high-density 1 and 2-bedroom apartment living at a cost that you might not be able to afford. There are many houses available in inner-city suburbs. However, the closer you live to the business centre, the more you will pay. Conversely, you might need less money to get around and do the things you love. 

Many people find refuge in Brisbane’s outer edge, home to various ecosystems that offer all the recreation and lifestyle options you could wish for. 

Queensland is known for being a tropical paradise. This is due to its delicate mixture of urban growth and green balance. Many neighbourhoods have been at the centre of beautification and renewal. 


An 85m2 apartment with electricity, heating, water, and garbage will run you $170.12 monthly. Queensland’s primary need will be cooling. Queensland is known for its high temperatures and humidity. This will make it a great place to live. Many Queenslanders have taken to the sun and installed solar panels in their homes. 


Brisbane residents will need to set aside $150.00 per month for grocery shopping. However, this can vary depending on their tastes and preferences. This does not include household cleaning products or personal care items. 

If you are on a basic food budget you can get away with eating from home for: 

Common Grocery Items  Avg. Cost 
White Bread (500 g)  $2.88 
Eggs (12)  $4.59 
Milk (1 L)  $1.65 
White Rice (1 kg)  $2.88 
Chicken Breasts (1 kg)  $11.33 
Round Beef (1 kg)  $19.08 
Local Cheese (1 kg)  $9.95 
Potatoes (1 kg)  $3.34 
Lettuce (x 1)  $2.62 
Tomatoes (1 kg)  $5.16 
Apples (1kg)  $4.50 
Oranges (1 kg)  $4.06 
Bananas (1 kg)  $3.78 


Fitness and health 

A gym membership for one adult in Brisbane costs between $50-and $55 per month (sometimes students are eligible for discounts or concessions with documentation). Some fitness clubs cost around $68.19 per mois. Average tennis court hire costs $19.15 an hour. 

Primary, secondary, and child-care 

The average cost of child-care in Queensland is $106.39 per child, before child-care subsidies. Some centres may also offer discounts for families with more children. While primary and secondary schools are free, you will need to pay extra for activities and resources. The cost of a private school is usually based on the location it serves. Check your local private schools for more information. 

Students at universities 

You will need accommodation. You can find many excellent universities in Brisbane and the Greater Brisbane area. To keep your costs down, you might choose to locate your school near your school. 

Type of Accommodation  Avg. cost/week 
Share house room – 2 bedroom (inner-city)  $170.23 
Home-stay with full board  $350 
Home-stay accommodation only  $200.00 – $250.00 
On-site university residential college  $400.00 – $625.00 


Brisbane’s population boom is not an accident. It has been called one of the most livable places globally, at least in Australia. This city is maturing and is showing the potential to achieve a sustainable lifestyle balance. It isn’t easy to find the right place with many people moving in from other cities. As the demand for accommodation rises and vacancy rates fall, this can be a problem. Brisbane is beautiful! So, if you are planning to move to Brisbane you can get help from a local removalist in Brisbane to make your moving process hassle free. 

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