Those who have watched Harry Potter must have yearned to possess the power of levitation. Wingardium Leviosa and your pile of laundry would fly from the chair to your wardrobe! Or probably when you had to move something cumbersome, that spell would have been a boon. Things like this are unfortunately not for this world, at least in the present moment. 

Whenever you have to relocate to another place, you’ll be required to exercise your human prowess and precaution. Things need to be more planned and assessed when moving with your family, kids, and pets. A minor miscalculation can prove pernicious to your treasured furniture. You need to think, assess, and plan out your relocation. You can search for cheap furniture removalists Brisbane for professional advice. 

To assist you in your pursuit, we have come up with 10 tips for the safest and cheapest relocation in 2021. These tips are crafted to ensure that your upholstery and wardrobe are perfectly glowing in your new home-

  • Time Management 

Relocation is an exhausting task with several activities to keep track of. You should exercise caution with time and pre-plan your relocation. Spontaneity is not a very wise thing to do during relocation. Create a checklist to be sure that none of the things skips your attention. A journal with personalised tasks can help you sort priorities in case of emergency during relocation. A planned relocation can help you pull through all unanticipated mishaps.

  • Plan a Budget

Time is money; as you make an effort to manage time, you should be careful to consider your financial resources too. You will need a lot of help from drivers to movers to help you shift your stuff. 

Get in touch with the cheap furniture movers in Brisbane to know budget quotes and services. A little research beforehand can help you save bucks! Always ask for budget quotes in writing from the moving companies. By doing this, you minimise the chance of all post-facto changes by the company folks. It’s always a good idea to show your prospective company your luggage so that he can provide you with an accurate figure.

  • Design an inventory

An inventory is a good idea to segregate your things. Every time we move to another place, there are several things which become redundant to our lifestyle. We can either donate or sell them. An inventory helps to separate all such items. The best way to design an inventory is on a room-by-room basis. Check a room for all its items and prepare a list. You can then decide whether you want to keep it or not. When it comes to furniture, you can check its condition of the wood, cushion, etc., and decide.

  • Packing

Packing is the process where relocation begins. Make sure that you have all the essential packing materials needed for your things. This includes bubble wraps, essential boxes, stretch wraps, and tape. Most of the removalists come with their packing supplies. You can always get them at cheaper rates in flea markets.

 Be sure that you have done your shopping before packing begins. Remember, it is going to be a long process. You’ll be required to monitor them so that your essentials are adequately secured. 

  • Be reasonable with furniture

Most people prefer to sell their furniture and buy new in their next home. Furniture will occupy more space in the mover trucks. Consequently, you’ll have to spend extra bucks on heavy-duty vehicles, maybe even more than the actual worth of the furniture. In such cases, it is wise to sell the old furniture. 

Talk with the nearest cheap furniture movers in Brisbane for advice. You reduce the load on the truck as well as your pocket. However, if you have a beautiful crockery cupboard, an antique mahogany grandpa clock, or a rocking chair that was dear to your father, you can choose to keep those memorabilia. For transferring them, however, you’ll need to observe more precautions. You’d not like to see the shattered dial of the clock or limping cupboard. Be sure that you have all the essential packing material to safeguard the furniture.

  • Get all the help you can

An interstate journey makes it mandatory for you to hire professional help. Even if you can pack the things by yourself, you’ll still need a truck. And being reasonable, one should not venture with his valuables just for the sake of some bucks. You might just be signing up for another loss with this unthoughtful action. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot seek your friends’ and neighbours’ help.

 Use all the help you can from your colleagues and pals. This will offer you two benefits- You save bucks and have quality time with your social circle before you bid them farewell. 

  • Seek a professional

Hiring a removalist is an important step. You have to be sure that the driver is trustworthy and interactive. He will be the caretaker of your stuff throughout the journey. Make sure that you have his confidence. At the same time, you also need to be aware of the market before hiring a removalist. Do extensive research on furniture movers in Brisbane. This will give you a fair idea of the competition in the market. 

  • Hire a truck

Hiring a professional is always a prudent choice. But if you are fortunate enough to get a few helping hands, you can hope to save a little more. You can seek your friends’ help to pack things with you. Be observant with furniture, especially the couches. A little exposed space can turn out problematic for it. Once done with the packing, you can hire a truck. In this way, you save the expense of packing and just have to spend on the transport. 

  • Hire a trailer

If your car is equipped to travel with a trailer, it can be a feasible option. You can expect to save more with a trailer since it is comparatively cheap. However, it can be a taxing job to pull it for a large distance. If you are not used to that, it may prove stressful to you as well. Additionally, the charges on fuel might steep as well. 

  • Sharing is caring

 If you are lucky enough to have a friend with a truck/trailer, you might borrow it from him/her. You can talk with him to borrow over the weekend. This way, you stand a good chance of saving money on hire fees. But you have to be a bit cautious here. Take care that you return the vehicle in proper condition. Also, make sure that the oil tank is full when you return the truck. 

These are a few tips that might help you cut down on your expenses while relocating interstate. But, there are expenses that you might not be expecting. A professional removalist knows all such risks and is experienced, and can take all necessary precautions to avoid mishaps. 

Good research and planning with cheap furniture removalists in Brisbane can help you with your relocation. Call us at 0405 008 349 or leave a mail at for more information.

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